Today’s modern world is changing how many aspects of business are run. One of the main ways that business operations are changing, is how you conduct your retail executive search campaigns. This can be very daunting, but the changes need to be embraced. Without them, your organisation might not be able to attract the best leadership talent and this can have lasting implications for your business.

So, how has the landscape changed for retail executive recruitment? Here are some of our thoughts.

1. Focus on technology

One of the major changes is the new technology that is entering the market. This is leading to many retailers to look for C-level recruits with at least some technical aptitude. Those with these skills are going to be able to pick where they work and might even be able to make more money.

Some of the latest technology that might help retailers include experience with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies can really help retailers to connect with audiences and build better shopping experiences.

2. Easier to be headhunted

The internet is making it easier for executive candidates to be headhunted. This is thanks partly to social media, but also thanks to improved communication channels. This offers you plenty of talent you need on LinkedIn or something similar, then you can cut down recruitment times and improve on the quality of candidates.

However, it also offers challenges. If executives are in high demand due to their skills, or previous success, then other companies will find it easier to discover and contact them. This might mean you lose key members of your executive team. So, you need to look at ways to retain key talent.

3. Easier to check credentials

Technology is also making it easier for you to check the credentials of prospective retail executives. Previously, you had to trust the information presented to you, or spend significant amounts of time checking background information. Even when checking, some information could be easily hidden.

Now with the internet and other technology, candidate lives are almost like an open book. You can easily check whether someone was really a member of a management team that was successful, or whether they weren’t responsible for big projects in moments, not days or weeks.

This speeds up the recruitment process and ensures that executives hired have the right talents and experience for your firm.


Recruitment is becoming easier thanks to technology. This means that with the right changes to your retail executive recruitment search, you can reduce the chance of a bad hire, while also speeding up the recruitment process. This means better recruitment experiences and lower costs to hire your next retail executive.