Retail executives have, in recent years, had to navigate a number of ups and downs. The retail market has fluctuated, with companies coming and going, and it has been essential for those within the sector to not only remain positive but to uncover gaps in the market that can subsequently be exploited.

We are currently going through one of the most difficult periods in the history of retail. Nearly every single shop in the country has been closed down, people have been told that they must remain within their homes, and there is widespread fear around where the next paycheck will come from.

So, with that in mind, how can retail executives remain productive in this unprecedented era of lockdown and isolation? What can you do to ensure your employees and customers are aware of what is going on, and how can you keep spirits high?

1. Be confident when making difficult decisions

All business leaders – retail executives included – are being forced to make decisions that are difficult and somewhat uncomfortable. With physical stores closing down, and only essential workers given licence to leave their houses, any people are finding themselves stuck at home with nothing to do for the foreseeable future. However, during this time, it is vital that all business leaders adequately vocalise their decisions, communicate them efficiently, and explain the key reasons as to why such moves have been made.

2. Try and retain some kind of routine

It is important that you try and retain some kind of business routine. Organise calls with employees, let them know what the current state of the organisation is, and try and keep morale as high as is possible. If you can console them in any way, or offer them legitimate reasons to be positive, do so.

3. Make communications clear

As stated above, many people are going through periods of confusion and worry; it is far from certain when stores will open their doors again, and as such, it is very difficult to plan financially. It is absolutely crucial that, during this period, you communicate everything with your employees quickly and effectively. It is very likely that employees will, in the coming weeks, have many questions, and you need to ensure you are in a position to answer them.

The same goes when it comes to communicating with your customers. Keep pushing posts out via social media, keep posting blogs and articles if possible, and let them know the state of affairs, especially once you are aware of when your store(s) can open again.