Many people starting out in a professional career will be offered opportunities for personal development, alongside the development of their professional skills. Unfortunately, as they progress through their careers, it’s sadly very common for this to fall by the wayside. When workloads increase and employees take on managerial responsibilities, their own personal development is often neglected.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

That is where Tony Gregg’s approach to executive coaching comes into its own. Executive coaching is the perfect tool to help identify strengths and weaknesses – both for individuals and at a collective level for the company as a whole. The focus is on taking your organisation’s leaders and making them truly inspirational forces within your company. Spending time on this sort of coaching can help ensure that executives have the tools and support they need to allow them to work to their strengths, and overcome their weaknesses.

Encouraging individuals to seek feedback

Although junior employees will be accustomed to significant levels of feedback and opinions to help shape and guide their work, as staff become more senior they are likely to become more independent and less used to feedback. A critical part of executive coaching is encouraging individuals to seek feedback, as a means by which to continue their self-development. By encouraging transparency and good communication, you are laying the foundations for executives to communicate openly and clearly with their teams – and create a positive working environment for everyone involved.

Thinking about the bigger picture

It is these qualities that can help set great leaders apart. Setting time aside for coaching and mindfulness encourages leaders to think about the bigger picture. Rather than the day to day focus on detail-orientation, time management and the welfare of their team, it can be valuable for them to spend dedicated time thinking about how their team’s actions truly align with your company’s overarching goals. It can take someone who is a hard-working, diligent manager and turn them into an inspirational leader.

Of course, it isn’t just at an individual level that executive coaching can help a company. It’s normal that all companies will go through periods of flux and change at some point. Whether it is changing consumer demand or global trends that push your business in a different direction, executive coaching can be a useful process to help you and your senior staff to navigate this change. Most importantly, it can be used to help gain insights and provide recommendations to the leaders of change within your company. So, get in touch to find out more about Tony’s unique approach to executive coaching and how it can help your company.

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