Colour is all around us, yet we often don’t think about the effects of the shades we wear. From appearing assertive to the intellectual, colour can change others’ perceptions of us, as well as of ourselves. Whether you decide to incorporate certain colours in your day to day outfits or to overhaul your office with certain colour schemes, the shades you surround yourself with can really help better your leadership skills.


With the longest wavelength on the colour spectrum, red is a highly noticeable shade. A symbol of danger in the animal kingdom, red also has the ability to raise the pulse rates of humans. Wearing red, or including the colour in your office, can be the perfect way to stand out in business settings, subtly making you look and feel more confident. People will also pay you more attention, so incorporating red into your outfit on your first day in a new leadership role will give an impression of assertiveness, no matter your age or experience.


Promoting feelings of comfort and warmth, orange is perfect for putting people at ease and adding an element of youth and fun to your demeanour. Although orange can be easily overbearing, wearing a simple orange accessory ensures you still look professional. This is perfect for leadership roles involving person-centred work, or when trying to become more approachable.


Green is not only the colour of mother nature – the tones are also the most restful shade for the eye to look at. Including this colour in your outfit and surroundings can give the impression of serenity and harmony, perfect for stressful situations. Including the colour in the office, whether through plants, soft furnishings, or your own outfit, will help put yourself and your team at ease. Surrounding yourself with green will also help keep your head clear, making you a better leader.


Another cooler tone, blue is the perfect neutral colour, proven to evoke clear thinking and better communication. Our associations of blue with glacial waters and calm seas have an instantly soothing effect on both ourselves and others. Blue has been voted the world’s favourite colour time and time again, making it the perfect option for situations involving mass appeal. Wearing blue, or incorporating it into your business settings, is always a safe bet.

Considering the colours you bring into your life is a simple and effective way to change how you are perceived as a leader. Whether you aim to stand out or want to appear calm and serene during hectic periods, take into account the colours around you.