In some much-need positive news for the British high street, recent research has suggested that shoppers are looking forward to getting back to the shops, and are even expecting to spend as much, if not more than they did last year.

It seems the anticipation of returning to some form of normal has encouraged shoppers to want to get out and spend after months of being limited to online retailers. “Non-essential” shops reopened in the middle of June, and shoppers’ enthusiasm was evidenced by the long queues outside many major retailers.

High street retailers took a hard hit when lockdown was imposed on the country, especially those which didn’t have online stores available to customers, so it will be essential for them to see an increase in consumer spending over the next few months in order to keep the retail industry afloat.

A large part of those surveyed in the OnePoll Consumer Confidence Survey said they were specifically intending to spend their money on homeware and furniture from the high street. 61% of respondents expected to spend as much as they did last year in high street retailers, while a further 9% expect to spend even more than they did in the previous year.

An increase in consumer spending will provide a very welcome boost to the struggling retail sector, especially after lockdown induced fears that consumers would be far less willing to part with their money due to the state of the job market. It seems though that spirits are higher than anticipated and that people are feeling optimistic about the future, with two-thirds of the 2,600 adults surveyed by OnePoll saying that they feel confident that their life will eventually go back to being just as it was before.

The coming months will be difficult for many sectors, but if the results of this survey are anything to go by, we can feel positive about the future of high street retailers here in the UK, though of course, time will tell if these figures were a good indicator of what’s to come.

The effects of the looming economic recession will be the next challenge for the industry to contend with, however, so long as shoppers continue to support their favourite retailers, there is a strong chance that the high street will make it out the other side.