Individuals are remarkably different from one another and that includes in the way they work. Some high performers excel only when they are deployed to focus on a single area of expertise or skill. Others add best value when they are given the flexibility to move between different departments and projects. How do senior business leaders identify the differences in order to select and deploy candidates who have the highest potential when doing a retail executive search? 

They know what they are looking for

The first question is, does this person have the ability to achieve promotion within two years? Then, does this candidate have the flexibility to switch between leadership roles for different projects and still build value? Successful senior level recruiters look carefully at the failures candidates have already had in their careers, as well as past successes, when deciding if an individual has high potential for management and leadership and how best to deploy them.

They keep an open mind

Retail business leaders are busy people who work long hours in the pressurised world of FMCG. With the best will in the world, they may not always have the time for succession planning. But opting to ‘save time’ by relying on the recommendations of other business leaders or retail executives in your own team is a common mistake when seeking high-potential candidates. For instance, managers may nominate a non-achiever simply to move them away from their existing project.

They recognise potential and passion

Of course, it is important to check out a person’s performance ratings, but a single glitch does not necessarily mean an individual does not have high potential. How we contribute is directly related to our current situation, including the organisational style or retail environment we are working under. If that same candidate is redeployed into an organisation which dovetails with their passion, their leadership talent may be unlocked. Given the right setting, they could fly.

For senior leaders, investing time and experience into a high-potential retail executive search is worth it because it leads to success. High flyers can be assessed, trained and supported to rise quickly through the organisational structure and that brings firm benefits to a business, both right now and in the future. When making effective use of time really matters, a retail executive search specialist experienced in successfully assessing and recruiting for director and board-level positions can always offer a helping hand.