Sometimes the best source of career options for experienced executives and professionals can be via an executive search agency or ‘headhunter’. So, how do you make sure that you get noticed? 

Increase your visibility

One very effective way of being identified as a talent is to become a ‘name’ within your field. You can achieve this through speaking regularly at industry events and conferences, and by having articles or papers published.

Become recognised as an industry expert

Although being a good fit for a potential employer is obviously important, being seen as an expert in your field is just as crucial, especially in niche industries. If you are acknowledged by your peers, competitors, and clients as an expert or specialist, you have much more chance of being spotted by an executive search agency.

Invest time in networking

Networking amongst your colleagues and right across your field is a very powerful way of increasing your visibility. It’s important to make networking an ongoing strategy, rather than becoming suddenly enthusiastic when you are looking for a new job. Seek out talented, recognised industry specialists and work to build long term relationships with them.

As part of your networking strategy and activity, it’s important to focus on professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn. The reason for this is that many executive recruiters use online search tools as part of their long-list building process. Consequently, it’s a good strategy to build a really compelling social media profile. Make sure that any articles or papers you have written are readily visible online, together with industry PR. This can lead to more executive search specialists locating you more easily and more often.

Work with an executive recruitment agency for your own recruitment

A really good way of developing a relationship with an executive recruitment agency is to use them to recruit people for you. Over time you will develop a good working relationship with the agency and they will get to know your own personal attributes too. When you are looking to move on, you will be well-placed to approach the agency yourself. Although there is some potential conflict of interest issues that may limit this approach to some extent, it can often be successful when managed correctly by both parties.

By taking a long-term approach and strategy to developing respected and mutually-beneficial relationships with executive recruiters and with your colleagues, you can advance your own career. Keep yourself visible, cultivate a reputation within your industry as an expert, and ensure that your achievements are in the public domain.

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LinkedIn pen by TheSeafarer licensed under Creative commons 4