If you currently work in an executive level role in the retail industry and are considering your next career move, then it could be a great idea to build a relationship with an executive level recruiter. As you work at a senior level in your company, you will be challenged to give your job search the time it requires, which is exactly where an executive recruiter can help. By partnering with someone who is a specialist in executive level recruitment, you’ll be collaborating with an expert in the retail sector whose network can help open up new exciting opportunities you may not previously have considered. Below we’ve highlighted some key actions you can take to raise your profile to executive recruiters who can support your job search.

Be an expert

In working at an executive level, you will have already proved to your current employer and team that you’re an expert in your field. You need to ensure you broaden the circle of people aware of your expertise by speaking at industry events and writing thought pieces for retail trade journals. The more open you are to presenting yourself as an industry expert, the more often you’ll be asked to share your opinion or comment on events happening within the industry. If you’re motivated too, you could even write a book or a series of white papers on trends you see unfolding within the retail sector. These projects are also a great tool to take to interviews, to show your future employers how committed you are to a leadership role within the sector.

Invest in the relationship

Like all relationships, you must invest time and energy into your partnership with an executive recruiter so that you both get the most out of each other. In many cases, your executive recruiter will be the person representing you first to your potential new employer, so you want to ensure you give them as much information about yourself as possible for them to share with their client. Sign up for email communications from the company of your executive recruitment partner and get to know the individual. Attend industry networking events you know the person will be attending and arrange meetings with them over a period of time so that you can both get to understand and share information about your ideal next career move.

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