For many people, the first thing that comes into their head when coming up with a New Year’s resolution is to reach new heights in their career. If you’re already an executive at the top of your game, it can be difficult to know which direction to go in next. However, there are plenty of new and exciting roles out there that need a driven, unique professional just like you to step in. In this blog post, we’ll suggest a few ways you can prepare yourself for an interesting new role in 2018.

Get organised

In the busy lead up to Christmas and the new year, it’s easy to become disorganised, especially if you’re in a leadership position within a retail business already. However, if you’re going to be hunting for new positions now a new year has come around, you’ll need to get your affairs in order. It’s important to give that old CV a look over, and research up to date ways to interact with the modern job market that you might not have considered before.

Find your passion

When considering your next move in the new year, it’s important to establish why you’ve got itchy feet in your current position. Perhaps you feel it doesn’t offer you enough of a challenge, or the rewards offered to you as an employee just don’t measure up when you consider the amount of work you put into the company. Write out a list of the aspects you’ll need within your new role to feel fully satisfied, so you can bear this in mind when job hunting.

Choose a recruitment company with your interests at heart

When searching for your next executive-level job, you’ll realise very quickly that there are plenty of recruitment companies out there, all promising to offer the best jobs on the market. However, many of these sites and companies really are just out to make money, so it’s important to be wary when choosing which direction to go in. The best idea is to stick with a reputable company, who have a proven track record of matching higher level executives with roles that are the perfect fit for them.

The Anthony Gregg Partnership was established back in 2003, and since their humble beginnings have become a market leader in the world of executive recruitment. We specialise in retail executive recruitment and are passionate about finding the right people for every company. If you’re an employer looking for that perfect new leader, or an executive hungry for your next big role, why not get in touch with us today for more information about the services we offer.

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