At executive level making your next career move can feel like a daunting prospect as you juggle the responsibility for your current business, whilst considering new opportunities. In a sector like retail where high-profile figures are often discussed in the news, it can be difficult to keep your career aspirations private until an appropriate time. As with any new role, you won’t be able to understand the full culture and challenges faced by a new business until you’re working in it. However, by collaborating with an executive recruiter, you’ll be able to gain a unique insight into the business you’re considering joining. This will give you an independent person to advise you about the opportunity so that you can be sure the move you make is beneficial to your career. Below we’ve highlighted our top tips to help you ensure the next career move you make is right for you.

Take time to reflect

Whilst at an executive level time is often a precious resource you wish you had more of, you need to find the time to reflect on your current job role before you move on to your next opportunity. Consider the aspects of your role you enjoy currently and those you don’t. Think about it objectively and compile a list of must-haves in your next role. This can be anything from more freedom to make execute decisions, high retention rates to company culture. Once you’re set on everything you do and don’t want from your next role you’re in a far better position to get looking.

Get 360-degree insight

As much as possible try to speak to people from different levels in the organisation you’re considering joining. Whilst the senior team or board looking to hire you will inevitably present you with as much positive information as possible, you could find you gain even more insight from someone in a first line management or operational level position. You can meet these people at industry networking events, via LinkedIn or by asking people in your network or your recruiter’s network for people who are able to give you a unique insight into the business.

If you’re looking for your next executive-level career move and want specialist support with your job search, contact Anthony Gregg today on 0207 316 3146. Our expertise in and knowledge of the retail sector allows us to provide an expert service to the candidates we support, ensuring the next move you take in your career is the best one for you.

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