The best way to foster an atmosphere of empowerment and opportunity is not by encouraging micro-management, but by inspiring managers and teams. By being open about a culture of shared ideas and continuous development as a policy you will not only create a thriving workplace in which innovative ideas are a constant; you will also make employees feel valued and want to stay within the company in the long term.

But what is the best way to empower a workforce, whether that’s 5 people or 5,000? Here are some of our top leadership initiatives to introduce into your business.

1. Implement daily standups within teams

Incorporated by some of the most innovative organisations globally, such as Google, Netflix and Facebook, a daily standup give employees an opportunity to update their teams, hear the day-to-day movement of projects and collaborate on any issues which employees may be facing.

By having clear and open channels of communication within all team levels, staff will feel included in the decisions as well as feeling empowered to offer solutions.

2. Encourage staff to get involved with passion projects

Many businesses now offer their teams a dedicated amount of annual time which they can spend within the charitable organisation of their choice. This is far more than a good PR angle or a hook for enticing good employees at interview stage – it gives employees an outward look at issues which may affect your business as well as making them feel more self-actualised.

Schemes like this, again, have been proven to promote staff longevity within an organisation.

3. Enable employees to communicate with senior staff in dedicated 1-2-1s

It is vital that your employees feel heard and connected with the senior staff members making the overarching strategy decisions which direct their work.

By being clear about timeframes which are open for discreet and open conversation you will empower staff to take charge of any issues which they see arising or come to you with any queries hindering their experience.

4. Create plenty of opportunities for further development and training

People thrive in a situation in which they are constantly learning, furthering their opportunities and creating something meaningful. The only way to ensure your staff feel this motivation is by providing them with access to further education programs or training on new and innovative business tools.