Emotional intelligence is different from intelligence in a business or academic sense, but it is just as important as the other types of intelligence if you want to be a successful leader. As career paths and goals change and evolve and people look to their employment for a sense of emotional fulfilment and satisfaction rather than just taking a job to pay the bills, employees are now looking to their leaders to provide them with a greater reason to come to work each day, other than just money. 

There is much written about the importance of emotional intelligence, and what it means for leaders to be able to demonstrate it. Below we’ve looked into why emotional intelligence is so important for leadership.

Effective communication

Emotional intelligence is at the core of effective communication. When you as the leader are clear and consistent in the messages you send to your team, you will see your communication is effective at reaching people and motivating them to carry out the assignments you’re asking them to. By being clear and open in your communication, your team will see you as someone they can trust, and will feel inspired to work in the direction you’re leading them.


Being able to show you care about your team, your employees, their wellbeing and their own career aspirations will help to gain you a lot of respect as the leader of your business. Showing consideration for the challenges your team face, and empathy when times get tough will help you appear human and on the same team as your employees, which will ensure they are motivated to work with you, as they see you support them.


Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their job and the time they spend at work, so by showing a sense of humour and making it a fun environment to work in, you’ll be motivating people to bring their best selves to work. If you show a sense of humour, people will know they can both work hard, and have fun, bringing enjoyment to their role, which will impact their relationships with clients, customers and suppliers and help them to give a positive impression of your brand.

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