All across the world, CEOs and Managing Directors are leading small, medium and large businesses through a maze of corporate stresses and marketplace woes. All in an attempt to be financially successful and marketplace-dominant. But the inner workings of a business are a delicate ecosystem, and mismanagement from the top can have a knock-on effect all the way down the ladder, affecting financial results, morale and staff turnover across all areas of the business.Leadership styles and techniques vary greatly from business owner to business owner, and most leaders in the modern era have a good grasp on what makes a good leader. Those that listen to, respect and involve all employees in the company while giving clear instruction and feedback, tend to be more highly coveted than those who go for a more ‘dictator’ style of leadership.

But, while you may recognise yourself as one of these leaders most of the time, what happens when you are put under pressure?

At Anthony Gregg Partnership, we want to help industry and business leaders to give their team the best of themselves, always. Some situations, however, make this a bit more difficult.

When we’re put under pressure or stress, whether it’s a board of directors, an investor, creditors or the trading of stock markets, our attitudes, priorities and leadership style can all change for the worst.

Stress can cause you to be ‘short’ with employees, patronising, snapping at or belittling them may make you feel marginally better for a few seconds – but this isn’t really the kind of release that’s good for your business. Instead, find a high-impact method of stress relief and practice it before you interact with anyone until you feel calm enough to be your usual self. Stress balls, exercise, music, performing menial tasks and meditative breathing have all been shown to reduce stress and promote calm.

It’s not just stress that can have an effect though – pressure comes in many different forms, as we know quite well at Anthony Gregg Partnership, and can have different effects. When you feel like you need to hit a target, it’s natural to become arrogant in your own decisions and believe that you need to stay completely in control of a situation, but your staff are there to help you, and they will be less inclined to do so if you refuse to listen to them.

The experts at Anthony Gregg Partnership know the struggle of business leadership, and we’re here for you, and your business.