Tackling adversity with growth leadership

As a corporate business leader, there are many ways to effectively lead a team. There's no single rule for great leadership. It's not about finding the right or wrong way to run things; it's about finding the way that works right for you. But there are a variety of styles out there, and if as [...]

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Is it time to get more millennials in retail board rooms?

Securing a place in retail executive teams and within the board of directors has naturally been connected to relevant experience and a track record for expertise within a key business area. However, with the unique challenges facing the UK retail sector, there is an argument for making the acquisition of “young blood” a higher priority [...]

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UK retailers losing £11bn each year to avoidable incidents

According to the latest research carried out by Checkpoint Systems, U.K. retailers are losing a staggering £11 billion every year due to shoplifting, internal theft and food wastage. The results revealed in the 'Retail Security in Europe: Going beyond Shrinkage' report, discovered that the U.K. is actually faring worse than any other country across Europe [...]

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UK regulator could block Sainsbury’s and Asda merger

Sainsbury's and Asda jointly announced that they are considering selling 125 to 150 supermarkets, including some of their smaller local stores if the much talked about merge is to go ahead. Both supermarket giants are planning to also sell a selection of their petrol stations units, with Sainsbury's personal pledge of capping fuel profits to [...]

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Price rises and shortages predicted in the event of a no-deal Brexit

A number of leading retailers including Asda and Waitrose have warned the government that a no-deal Brexit could cause large scale disruption to the food supply chain. Grocery price rises The retailers detailed their concerns in a letter, which was supported by the trade body the British Retail Consortium. The most significant issue which the [...]

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Online job “warehouses” vs. specialist retail executive search

The launch of Google for Jobs in 2018 sent ripples throughout the UK recruitment sector. Its aggregate capabilities made it far easier for job hunters to find suitable vacancies, quickly. But what about retail employers, and other companies seeking to fill key posts by drawing from a relevant pool of applicants? Do online job “warehouses” [...]

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