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Opinion: Four ways to maintain healthy work/life balance WFH

I’ve noted several times over recent weeks how Covid-19 has tested the retail (and wider) workforce like never before. The pressure of achieving a work/life balance while working remotely has been a particular challenge for those accustomed to being in an office environment. Paradoxically, we’ve never been as connected as a workforce yet never so [...]

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Opinion: How to sustain team culture while home working

Of all the decisions facing retail leaders, the choice between initiating a gradual return to the office and shifting to a predominantly home working model must be among the toughest. In a fast-moving, dynamic sector the social interactions that take place in offices and stores up and down the country shape a company’s culture. Friendships [...]

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Opinion: How to ace a virtual job interview

It barely needs repeating that retail is entering a ‘new normal’. Some changes, such as social distancing in shops, will hopefully be temporary; others are set to become a permanent feature of the new business landscape. One of these is remote working. Some estimates predict 50% of people will not return to offices – a [...]

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Opinion: Retail leaders need to think big post-lockdown

When non-essential stores reopen their doors from Monday, almost three months will have passed since the UK went into lockdown. Bosses whose businesses have been forcibly hibernating will have spent much of the time figuring out how they are going to lead their organisation through the challenges that lie ahead. As someone whose job is [...]

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Move of the Week: New Sainsbury’s boss Roberts sets out his stall

Quick decision making is a business necessity in the current climate as retailers respond to the evolving coronavirus crisis. New Sainsbury’s boss Simon Roberts has certainly wasted no time in shaking up his top team, marking his first day in the job with a duo of significant promotions. Chief digital director Clodagh Moriarty adds responsibility [...]

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Move of the Week: Bray’s Amazon exit is a warning sign

What impact will Covid-19 have on talent acquisition and retention? It’s a question I found myself pondering this week on reading the news that a senior Amazon executive has quit over its treatment of warehouse workers. In a stinging rebuke of the tech giant’s ethical practices, vice-president Tim Bray described the sacking of warehouse staff [...]

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Move of the Week: Waitrose’s Bailey is the kind of leader you want in a crisis

When James Bailey left Sainsbury’s in October it’s unlikely he would have imagined his next role to be leading a rival grocer’s response to the biggest public health crisis in a century. That’s the position Bailey now finds himself in, however, on joining John Lewis Partnership (JLP) as Waitrose’s new executive director this week. Thankfully, [...]

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Opinion: The other frontline workers need emotional support too

Last week I wrote about the importance of furloughed employees looking after their own health and wellbeing during these turbulent times. Judging by the overwhelming response to the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which saw 140,000 companies apply for support on the first day alone, many millions of people across a range of industry sectors [...]

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