Leadership tips to reduce staff turnover after the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted many aspects of our life, causing businesses and bosses to make some tough financial decisions. Employees and clients will be looking at how businesses conduct themselves during this global crisis and question if they are still worth investing in and working for once the pandemic is over. Right now, effective [...]

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The benefits of expressing empathy as a leader

Empathy in leadership is all about understanding the thoughts and behaviours of employees and making an effort to use this knowledge to leverage their abilities in order to help your team succeed as a whole. Expressing empathy as a leader has a number of benefits, including: Improved collaboration In 2012, Google embarked on a research [...]

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Listening – is this the most overlooked leadership skill?

Many appointees in top roles have superb industry credentials and a strong track record for being excellent communicators. They can disseminate information effectively and motivate their teams with insights and a shared vision. However, some of the best leaders are those willing to receive enough information before they act or speak. They are the ones [...]

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How can a crisis benefit leadership?

Who are the greatest leaders in world history? Is John F. Kennedy one? What about Winston Churchill? Can a great leader be one who presides over the most peaceful era? Or is it to do with conquest and colonisation? On the spectrum from the warmongering Genghis Khan to Mahatma Gandhi, where do we plot ‘greatness’? [...]

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Common myths about being a great leader

When analysing leadership, it’s obvious that there is no one size fits all approach. Different people will have their own styles of leadership, tailored to suit their own personality and the people they manage. However, there are a number of traits and skills that all leaders have. While these may be commonly discussed, there are [...]

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Can leaders learn resilience?

It’s lonely at the top. It’s a clichė but it’s true. At the top, there’s no time for complaining or getting involved with the mess that happened at the Christmas party - there’s always an HR crisis after the party, right? Right now, you’re focussed on the bigger picture: the profit and loss, the comings [...]

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How to turn a vision into reality through leadership

When reaching for the stars, it is absolutely essential for leaders to be visionaries. They must think beyond what is good for them; they must consider how they can create a company that makes a difference, has ambition, and provides a working environment that employees will truly value. So, with that in mind, what should [...]

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