What leading from behind really means (and what it doesn’t)

If you are a business leader of any sort, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of misinterpretation. And when it comes to leadership styles, there’s one which has been misinterpreted time and again: leading from behind. Originally given voice in Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, when he equated great leaders to shepherds, the concept of [...]

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Four performance management mistakes to avoid

Effective performance management is one of the most common challenges we come across. But, if you want to improve your leadership skills, this is the ideal place to start. When performance management reviews get results, productivity and motivation skyrocket. The thing is, no matter how necessary, it's not easy to critique an employee's performance whilst [...]

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Three tips for managing older subordinates

In the past, many organisations were run by the most elderly in the office as promotions were given based on experience. Recently, this practice has become outdated and it is now more common to have younger leaders since most companies now promote on merit. It is, therefore, possible to find yourself leading individuals who are [...]

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Why being introverted can make you a brilliant leader

There is a common assumption in the world of business that an introverted individual will not make an effective leader. In 2006, The Harvard Business Review found that 65% of executives that took part in the survey believed introversion to be a barrier to leadership. The word ‘introvert’ conjures up images of shyness or even [...]

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4 Rules for Effective Leadership Under Pressure

While it’s often easy for a senior Retail Executive to feel confident in their leadership role when their business is doing well, their mettle is only really tested when the company faces financial downturns, reorganisation and other stressful scenarios. Being able to act professionally and proactively under pressure is an essential trait of any leader, [...]

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“Returnships” to refresh after a career break

Addressing the candidate "career gap" should be at the top of any company's leadership agenda, as it creates one of the biggest hurdles to attracting top talent. For example, having women in the workforce has been shown to provide economic benefits to companies that promote gender parity among their employees, as well as the wide [...]

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The best leaders truly learn from failure

We all know the old adage 'learn from your mistakes' but the personality traits that help you do that, and stand you in good stead to be a truly effective leader, are what this blog is about. So how do we approach failure? I'm sure most, if not all of us, will put things off [...]

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How to be an effective manager

Gaining a promotion to manager is a heady time. It means that you have been successful at your job and that upper management believes that you can be trusted to look after a team of employees, driving profits and increasing growth. But being a manager is not all fun and games: every step up the [...]

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Demands of leadership in a digital workplace

The ability to reach unprecedented levels of technological integration and connectivity has transformed business processes, but it has also thrown up interesting challenges for managers. The word usually attached to digital workplaces is “opportunity”. After all, you have created end-to-end data flow, with all the communication, collaboration and control benefits that brings. As well as [...]

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