Using silence to get results

People don't like silence. An awkward pause can be painful to sit through, but for business leaders at every level, it can also be an excellent tool. The truth is that sometimes people need a little prompting to say what they want to say. It's easier as a manager to keep talking and to try [...]

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Corporate leadership under pressure

With the UK gradually returning to a more normal way of life following the pandemic and businesses getting back into their stride, it seems a good time to take a closer look at corporate leadership styles under pressure. In this blog post, we will put under the metaphorical microscope the behaviour that leaders tend to [...]

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The difference between being a boss or a leader

For many businesses, the terms 'boss' and 'leader' are synonymous, interchangeable. However, that isn't the case! While it is true that there is some overlap between the two words, being a leader and being a boss are different styles of authority. While both leadership and being a boss have their benefits, here at Anthony Gregg [...]

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Do leaders need to be self-regulated?

If you are hoping to progress in your career to an executive leadership role, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your job prospects. Self-regulation is a quality often required to be successful in a leadership role. In this blog post, we look at what self-regulation is in more detail and explain [...]

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When the heat is on: 4 types of leader under pressure

Leaders are typically considered to have one of four personality types: driver, expressive, amiable or analytical. Read on to learn more about each one and how to overcome the issues these characteristics present when working under pressure. The Driver Strengths: Drivers are advantageous in an emergency. They see the end result they want and go [...]

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Friend and boss: can you be both?

Many people spend as much – if not more – time with their professional colleagues than they do with their families. And spending so much time in such close quarters inevitably leads to close friendships. Boss or friend? In many ways, this can be a good thing as colleagues who consider themselves friends with one [...]

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Five things great leaders have learned to let go of

Many positive attributes make a great leader. They need to develop the ability to strategise, to communicate, to prioritise and to inspire trust, to name just a few. However, as well as adding to their repertoire of skills, there are five key things a person needs to let go of to ensure successful leadership. Can [...]

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