Never fear failure; the art of resilient leadership

The list of iconic business people who’ve overcome failure is a highly impressive pantheon of true leaders. You’ve no doubt heard about Steve Jobs making an epic corporate comeback when the company he founded sacked him. Did you know that Bill Gates founded a road measuring device company – called Traf-O-Rama – that was measurably [...]

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Finding the balance between ‘friend’ and ‘boss’

Let's face it, being a leader is difficult. Navigating social situations can be confusing and the line between professional boss and understanding friend can be difficult to find. However, the best boss or manager knows how to lead a team and make important business decisions, while also being someone your staff can come to when [...]

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How to address bad leadership

Recent research suggests that almost two-thirds of leaders would be described in negative language by their teams. A good leader is not only concerned with leading the staff on any given team but is also aware of the leaders they are managing. Are your team leaders employees that you can be proud of, or do [...]

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Sound mind and sound leadership

Warren Bennis once stated, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." But how do we know if we're serving up a fractured vision? Leaders often find themselves under heavy pressure. When it comes to keeping the company running or making sure that all employees are working succinctly towards a common goal, there are [...]

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When quiet leadership creates a big impact

There is no 'one size fits all' in retail decision making. Every company has its own hit list of attributes for senior staff. The things required from leaders can change over time too, particularly when your retail company faces a period of intense pressure, or needs to step up risk-taking, innovation and change management. Organisations [...]

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Overcoming imposter syndrome to be a better business leader

It’s only human to have the occasional moments of doubt and ‘second guess’ major decisions in the pressurised world of modern retailing. Part of the emotional intelligence of modern leaders is being able to recognise heightened hesitation or confusion and to seek out support and insights from executive colleagues, projects teams and reliable retail data. [...]

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Leadership styles that corporate leaders have to face

As an HR Director or retail executive of an organisation, you are often faced with challenges when it comes to adapting to different leadership styles. Strictly sticking to one style of leadership may seem like the safe option, and it can also reduce the effort that you have to make when already needing to negotiate [...]

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The Psychology of a Confident Leader

Leaders in business, such as HR Directors and Retail Executives, have many responsibilities on their plate and the same amount of hours in a day as the rest of us. With the pressure to not only maintain control of the company and their workload but also to rise up and challenge themselves throughout the day, [...]

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5 characteristics of a successful business leader

Not everyone is born a leader and many people have to develop strong leadership skills that will make them an effective manager. Some changes are relatively small, others require a complete shift of mindset in order to become a great leader. Do you think you have all the right qualities? Here are just five characteristics [...]

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