5 characteristics of a successful business leader

Not everyone is born a leader and many people have to develop strong leadership skills that will make them an effective manager. Some changes are relatively small, others require a complete shift of mindset in order to become a great leader. Do you think you have all the right qualities? Here are just five characteristics [...]

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How to build relatable leadership

There's a fine divide between being a relatable leader, and undermining your authority by being “everyone’s friend”. Where effective leadership is concerned, there are many ways to find yourself – in modern parlance – giving TMI (too much information)! Telling your team the graphic details of your personal life may seem obvious no-nos. However, how [...]

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Is it time to get more millennials in retail board rooms?

Securing a place in retail executive teams and within the board of directors has naturally been connected to relevant experience and a track record for expertise within a key business area. However, with the unique challenges facing the UK retail sector, there is an argument for making the acquisition of “young blood” a higher priority [...]

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How prioritising employee wellbeing benefits your business

Effective leadership is all about building a relationship with your employees and getting maximum results for your business. Whilst the goal should always be increasing your bottom line, it’s easy to forget the importance of the people who help you get there. The rising trend in corporate wellbeing tends to get a mixed reaction. Critics [...]

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A quick guide to responsible management

Managers have a lot of responsibility. Whether you are in charge of one person or one hundred, you need to ensure that the decisions you make are not only good for the company but also don't put your employees under any undue pressure.  And, with more and more employees suffering from mental health issues as [...]

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7 things retail executives need to be a long-term success

The role of a retail executive is as varied as it is essential. An executive has to be a company's representative when talking to customers and clients, and they must also be the organisation's figurehead when it comes to advising and encouraging employees. However, while retail executives often have to act as if they possess [...]

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What leading from behind really means (and what it doesn’t)

If you are a business leader of any sort, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of misinterpretation. And when it comes to leadership styles, there’s one which has been misinterpreted time and again: leading from behind. Originally given voice in Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, when he equated great leaders to shepherds, the concept of [...]

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