How to be a good leader

Successful companies are hard to land a good position in and once settled, promotion can be slow to arrive as content employees tend to stay put. However, if a leadership position has arisen, how can you be sure to catch the eye and the approval of the bosses? There are some dos and don'ts… Don’t [...]

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How to develop an authentic leadership style

Authenticity has become something of a leadership buzzword in recent years, but what does an authentic leadership style involve? Authenticity is closely linked with genuineness. An authentic leader is able to communicate to others something of their essential self which makes it difficult to appear authentic without actually being authentic. There is a need to [...]

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Behaviours successful leaders adopt under pressure

Remaining calm under pressure is an essential aspect of successful leadership in business. If a leader starts to run around like a headless chicken when something goes wrong, the rest of the workforce are likely to follow suit. So, continue reading to discover some of the best tips and tricks to help you offer strong [...]

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How pressure can be positive

Pressure comes as standard as part of any leadership role and can be both a negative and positive force when driving behaviour. An effective corporate business leader will know how to delegate and be able to communicate competently when under pressure. However, when under pressure, behaviour can be impacted and you may struggle to effectively [...]

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Leadership styles that corporate business leaders will have to face

When businesses face high-pressure situations, some leaders thrive while others crash and burn. These four points explore some of the flaws that can emerge in leadership when placed under pressure, and the steps to take to navigate the process efficiently and successfully. 1. Be driven by purpose rather than pressure Although external sources of pressure [...]

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Double-headed management and the art of leadership

Double-headed management was a popular phrase a few years ago, but it seems to have fallen out of current usage, possibly because people thought it was really just a piece of jargon. This is a pity because it actually encapsulates a lot of the issues and problems that a business can face, mainly internal, and [...]

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Strong leaders listen well

Effective listening is an essential skill for leaders at all levels of business. Too often, company leaders seem to think they should speak first and listen later, but the leader who knows how to listen well reaps many benefits. In fact, great leaders wait until they have all the facts at their disposal before making [...]

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Never fear failure; the art of resilient leadership

The list of iconic business people who’ve overcome failure is a highly impressive pantheon of true leaders. You’ve no doubt heard about Steve Jobs making an epic corporate comeback when the company he founded sacked him. Did you know that Bill Gates founded a road measuring device company – called Traf-O-Rama – that was measurably [...]

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