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Ocado joins forces with Japanese grocer Aeon

The Japanese grocery chain Aeon, one of the biggest online supermarket retailers in the continent, has signed a deal with British retailer Ocado to develop its online eCommerce enterprise and expand into the logistics of delivering groceries to customers. Marking Ocado’s first partnership with an Asian company, the deal will see the pair collaborating predominantly [...]

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A short history of the British TV Christmas advert

They might be a staple of our Christmas television diet, but the iconic retailer Christmas ads weren’t always such a prevalent part of our culture. The festive season is packed full of marketing from supermarkets to government agencies wanting to get into the holiday spirit and now that television is such a common part of [...]

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Why Interim Management is crucial for retail

Retail is known to have a diverse, fast-paced business model that lends itself to changes, sometimes at short notice. When this happens, it's likely that you'll need a qualified, experienced Manager to fill a role quickly - a situation which can cause uncertainty in your retail business. However, sometimes these situations can be for the [...]

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Lidl to offer top supermarket pay grade

European retailer Lidl has become the UK’s top-paying supermarket after bosses announced that they would raise wages for all 19,000 of their staff across the country. The supermarket recently reported that they would raise employee wages to the total cost of £10m, which has been designed to fit in line with new estimates of the [...]

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The formula for a winning retail Christmas ad

We’ve previously looked at some of the most iconic Christmas ads in recent history, but what makes these so memorable? We’re exploring some common themes from top retailer adverts at Christmas time to uncover the winning formula. A memorable song As the Christmas adverts roll in, so do the unusual cover songs. This year, John [...]

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The best retailer Christmas adverts

It’s a common saying that once the Christmas advertisements start appearing on TV, then the festive season is truly upon us. Over the last few years, inspired by the poignant, beautifully crafted adverts produced by the John Lewis Group, other retailers have quickly gotten in on the act and in the process, dominated the pop [...]

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ASDA blames dip in profits on Brexit uncertainty

The supermarket chain ASDA has reportedly blamed its downturn in profits in the third quarter on increasing consumer uncertainty over Brexit, culminating in the increasing concern that the country might end up leaving without a deal or not at all. The Big Four retailer saw a 0.5% drop in profits in the last quarter, despite [...]

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The top qualities of marketing executives

Owners of retail businesses are constantly looking for ways to become leading brands. And to become a leading brand, you need to look out for top talent. A marketing executive is a valuable member of your team, but you need to make sure they understand the value of customer satisfaction in the services or goods [...]

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Tesco relaunches its Clubcard Loyalty Scheme

Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket group, has announced it will launch a subscription-based service known as Clubcard Plus in the coming weeks, specifically targeting current Clubcard members who use the supermarket regularly. The subscription is being rolled out not as a replacement to the traditional loyalty scheme but as an additional element to its already [...]

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