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How technology is transforming executive coaching

Executive coaching is no longer branded as a form of remedial help for underachievers – it is now a high-cost, elite activity that executives of a high status choose to embark on. In previous years, executive coaching has been conducted on a small scale, predominantly due to its bespoke nature. However, a rise in the [...]

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What are the benefits of executive coaching?

Executive coaching has a huge number of benefits, and it can be really useful for helping you to develop as a leader. If you're wondering how executive coaching can be beneficial to you, then keep reading. Improved leadership abilities One of the biggest benefits of undertaking executive coaching is the huge boost it will give [...]

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Is this the end of Cineworld in the UK?

First reported by The Sunday Times, Cineworld will temporarily close its UK cinemas in the coming weeks, putting 5,500 jobs at risk. The closure was announced after the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die, was delayed again until Spring 2021. The postponement of the next Bond film leaves many cinemas in dire financial [...]

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Retail executive Ken Murphy takes over as Tesco CEO

Ken Murphy, a former executive of Walgreens Boots Alliance, has taken the reins as CEO of supermarket giant Tesco after being named as successor to Dave Lewis last year. As well as the departure of ex-CEO Dave Lewis, the company's chief financial officer, Alan Stewart, and Charles Wilson, chief of Tesco's Booker wholesale arm, have [...]

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Why empathy is an important attribute in a leader

When running a business or managing a team, there are many qualities that you need to possess in order to ensure you do your job properly. You need to be: - Dedicated to your job/team.- Motivated and able to motivate others.- Focused, working to ensure the job gets done, showing excellent communication and time management [...]

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Retail executives brace for another surge of public panic buying in supermarkets across UK

As rumours of a second national lockdown leading up to the Christmas period sweep the UK, retail executives are once again warning that this could lead to a surge of public panic buying across supermarkets once more - despite constant reassurance that panic or bulk buying will not be necessary. Despite another country-wide lockdown being [...]

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Aldi set to add 4000 UK jobs

German supermarket giant, Aldi, has recently announced their intention to open 100 new stores in the United Kingdom within the next year, creating 4000 new jobs in the process. The decision is a direct result of their 2-year investment pledge of £1.3 billion, which aims to lead to the release of new developments and innovations, [...]

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How can executive coaching help businesses after the pandemic?

Covid-19 has turned the world of business upside down. Business owners have faced new challenges and have had to be flexible to ensure that their companies survive during these unprecedented times. Although the pandemic is still very much ongoing, it is essential that business executives look towards the future and plan for life after Covid-19. [...]

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Can a subscription model save Pret a Manger?

During the lockdown, several high street favourites kept themselves afloat by offering a subscription service, the most successful being Hotel Chocolat. The high street chocolatier's profits actually increased in 2020, thanks in no small part to the popularity of its Tasting Club subscription service. Subscriptions were initially seen as a temporary way to retain customers [...]

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