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Sainsbury’s are rolling out contactless, till-free shopping that can be done from smartphones

In over 100 of Sainsbury’s convenience stores across the UK, customers can now enjoy shopping that involves no cash, and no tills. Customers can do their shopping via the app Using either the SmartShop app or a SmartShop in-store handset, customers simply have to do their shopping, scan their products and bag them up. People [...]

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What can we learn from Hotel Chocolat?

Retail businesses struggling to stay afloat in the post-COVID world could do a lot worse than take inspiration from Hotel Chocolat. During the worst period in history for the UK high street, the British chain has bucked the trend in spectacular fashion with its revenue increasing by 3% in the year up to the 28th [...]

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Ted Baker facing investor backlash

Ted Baker is facing backlash from its shareholders over recent plans to increase salaries and bonuses for its retail executives. The revolt began when the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) advised investors to vote against the proposed remuneration policy, amid the firm’s current battle for survival. An unjustified salary increase The ISS advisory firm believe the [...]

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Households predict they will spend more than last year at retailers as lockdown lifts

In some much-need positive news for the British high street, recent research has suggested that shoppers are looking forward to getting back to the shops, and are even expecting to spend as much, if not more than they did last year. It seems the anticipation of returning to some form of normal has encouraged shoppers [...]

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Why great leaders need heightened self-awareness

Self-awareness is all about being mindful of your emotional state and how you respond to external factors. Exceptional leadership, when developed through our premium executive coaching services, showcases heightened emotional intelligence and stronger working relationships with teammates. Strive for personal growth A leader never stops learning to be the best they can be, and improvement [...]

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Four ways to improve your leadership skills through executive coaching

One of the commonalities of high-performing business people is that they have strong leadership skills. Without holding key competencies in this area, it is difficult (if not impossible) to make it to the top. Certain individuals, although they have a wealth of experience, are not natural-born leaders and find leading a team difficult. Executive coaching [...]

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Retail executives take note: Boots restructure won’t be the only one on the high street

Boots is set to cull 4,000 jobs following a sharp dip in sales during the coronavirus crisis. The losses mean that Boots will chop 7 per cent of its workforce, and these will be made across the firm’s stores, opticians and head office headcount. It says the consultation process for the redundancies is already underway [...]

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Can revenge spending help retail executives bounce back?

When the United Kingdom initially locked down in March, the retail sector braced itself for a significant down cycle. Not only were brick and mortar stores forcibly closed, but online shopping briefly stagnated amid international shipping and delivery obstructions. Profits plunged, and reputations were damaged as items ordered before the pandemic failed to arrive. Demand [...]

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