The vast majority of businesses will wait until a vacancy becomes available before they begin their search for suitable candidates. However, this panic reaction to recruitment can lead to the wrong hires or in some cases, no hire at all! If you want to ensure you recruit the very best retail executives, it is important to plan for the future and this is what talent mapping can offer. Talent mapping is all about planning for long-term recruitment needs through thorough research and analysis of your current employees. These are some ways that talent mapping can help boost your recruitment efforts.

Understand the market

With talent mapping, you can gain a deep understanding of the market and where the best talent is. Through analysis of both your current and future needs and researching the retail industry, you will gain an understanding of who to approach when the time comes. This will usually lead to much better hires.

Preparation for the future

Instead of being reactive to recruitment, you are being pro-active, which means you can prepare for any future vacancies in your company. You may prepare for developments in your business where you may need extra resources or retirement, maternity leave etc. The more prepared you are the better.

Less recruitment

Most managers don’t particularly enjoy the prospect of recruiting for a new role and with talent mapping, you can actually reduce your recruitment needs. If you start to gain an understanding of your current employees and which roles they could potentially move into, you will have higher retention rates – which means less need for recruiting new people into your business.

Improve employer branding

If you understand your recruitment needs, you can be much more strategic when looking for new talent, which can help improve your employer branding. Talent mapping focuses on targeting the right people, not just reaching out and hoping for the best! Doing this can be quite damaging to your brand as it looks like you’re just contacting anyone in desperation.

Advantage over competitors

If you are planning ahead through talent mapping, you are one step ahead of those competitors who aren’t – which means that you are likely to get to the top talent first!

Whether you are an established organisation or a small growing business, we can help find the very best retail executives through our talent mapping service. Get in touch today to find out more.

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