Christmas ads have become a much-anticipated part of the festive period, with retailers putting together entertaining adverts to get customers in the mood to spend their hard-earned cash. Audiences eagerly await their release and there is often much discussion with friends and colleagues as to which is their favourite each year. This year has been no different. Here are some of the popular Christmas adverts that 2019 had to offer.

John Lewis and Waitrose

John Lewis has had some of the most loved Christmas adverts over the last few years with its sentimental stories and lovable creatures. This year they opted for an adorable haphazard dragon whose fire breathing skills keep getting him into trouble with the village as he melts snowmen and a frozen lake and then sets fire to a glorious Christmas tree. However, all is forgiven when he turns up for Christmas dinner and lights the Christmas pudding. John Lewis adverts are always accompanied by memorable songs and this year it is, ‘Can’t fight this feeling’, performed by Bastille. This is all then wrapped together with the tagline, ‘Show them how much you care’.


With this year’s Christmas advert from Argos, a strong sense of nostalgia is evoked with a gentleman browsing through the Argos catalogue and discovering a drum kit that he evidently wanted in his youth. The drums then appear in front of him and he starts playing along to ‘Don’t you forget about me’, by Simple Minds. Argos then moves from the theme of nostalgia to bringing the family together, as his daughter catches him playing and he invites her to join in. Their tagline, ‘The book of dreams’, plays on many people’s memories of reading through the catalogue as a child and circling items ready for their list to Santa.


A few years ago, Aldi introduced Kevin the Carrot, who became much loved in households, with many purchasing a soft toy of the character. This year he returns with Katie Carrot and his nemesis, Russell Sprout. Russell is seeking revenge for Kevin taking the limelight at Christmas dinner. The advert follows their antics at a circus performance enhanced by Robbie Williams singing an edited edition of his hit, ‘Let me entertain you’, with more witty puns sprinkled in the lyrics. This advert is tied together with the tag line, ‘Put on an amazing show this Christmas’.