Many people have used recruitment companies to support their hiring, whether as a client hiring for their own team or a candidate looking for their next move. As you progress in your career and the seniority of the roles you’re recruiting for increases, you will start to see a distinct difference in the methods and success rates of partnering with an executive level recruiter. 

Below we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of working with an executive recruiter, from both a client and a candidate’s perspective:

For the client

Searching to find the perfect person for your open position can be a difficult process, and when it’s an executive, required to help guide and execute the strategy and direction of the business, it becomes even more crucial to hire the right person, first time.

Within the market place you might be aware of other executives who you would like to speak to, who may be suited to your vacancy, but these people are often likely to work for competitors where an open conversation could be potentially damaging for both you and the individual. Collaborating with an executive recruiter makes these meetings and conversations possible, keeping them confidential for the benefit of all involved.

Another reason partnering with an executive recruiter is so important is that many of the best candidates are not active on the market place or looking for their next position. Your executive recruiter will be able to advise on candidates who won’t necessarily apply for your role and people you’re not yet aware of, who could be perfect for the position you’re recruiting for.

For the candidate

As a senior level executive, your job search and move into your next position could be career defining, and you’ll want to make sure you are absolutely making the right move for you.

Working with an executive recruiter, you will have an independent third party to sound off your thoughts, any questions or concerns you may have that you won’t necessarily want to ask your new employer. The recruiter will have an expert knowledge of your sector and will be able to advise from a neutral point of view about the opportunity ahead of you.

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