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3 metrics to determine if an executive has the right leadership skills

During your retail executive recruitment, you’re going to need to look at several core skills that the candidates should have. Technical skills are a must, and many recruiters will concentrate on these talents in their recruitment drive. However, technical skills don’t always correspond to soft skills, which are just as important in leadership. Yet measuring [...]

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Debenhams hands control over to lenders

Retail giant Debenhams has today relinquished control of the company over to its lenders as it continues its financial struggles. Just hours before this announcement, the company looked more than likely to fall into administration and this move has just added to the growing mountain of issues that the retailer has undergone since the beginning [...]

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Move of the Week: Turning the Page at Ted Baker

The news that Ted Baker has resisted bringing in an outsider to replace Ray Kelvin as chief executive will I’ll sure be met with surprise in many quarters. Instead, the retailer has turned to a long-term deputy, in the shape of Lindsay Page, who as finance director has worked dutifully beside Kelvin for the past [...]

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Are a new breed of pop up shops on their way?

Boots pharmacy chain has become the latest retail brand to consider potential UK store closures, following swiftly on the heels of Gap’s plan to close 230 outlets worldwide to “revitalise” its brand. These announcements appear to illustrate the fine line between ambitious growth and over-reaching.  Too far, too fast in the past? It could be [...]

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Myers-Briggs Leadership: Which One Are You?

The Myers-Briggs personality scale is still considered one of the most in-depth and accurate determiners of a person’s ability. Whether it is introverted or extroverted, intuitive or sensitive, where you fall on the Myers-Briggs scale can drastically affect your work life and your leadership style. Everyone has a leadership style that directly correlates to their [...]

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How to lead your business through challenging times

It's no secret that the UK retail market is struggling at the moment. Every month it seems that high-street names are adding to the woes with poor sales forecasts and warnings of job losses and store closures. This is the time when your leadership skills will be tested to the limits. So, here are some [...]

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6 key factors to consider when choosing a search consultancy for hiring your Retail Executives

Human behaviour is ever evolving, and so is recruitment. Attracting top talent in such an ever-changing environment necessitates the need to hire a competent retail executive search partner to assist you in the hiring process. Hiring the right recruitment agency will improve the outcomes of your search, while also saving your company time and money. [...]

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UK regulator could block Sainsbury’s and Asda merger

Sainsbury's and Asda jointly announced that they are considering selling 125 to 150 supermarkets, including some of their smaller local stores if the much talked about merge is to go ahead. Both supermarket giants are planning to also sell a selection of their petrol stations units, with Sainsbury's personal pledge of capping fuel profits to [...]

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