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Can revenge spending help retail executives bounce back?

When the United Kingdom initially locked down in March, the retail sector braced itself for a significant down cycle. Not only were brick and mortar stores forcibly closed, but online shopping briefly stagnated amid international shipping and delivery obstructions. Profits plunged, and reputations were damaged as items ordered before the pandemic failed to arrive. Demand [...]

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The difference between being a boss or a leader

For many businesses, the terms 'boss' and 'leader' are synonymous, interchangeable. However, that isn't the case! While it is true that there is some overlap between the two words, being a leader and being a boss are different styles of authority. While both leadership and being a boss have their benefits, here at Anthony Gregg [...]

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Do leaders need to be self-regulated?

If you are hoping to progress in your career to an executive leadership role, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your job prospects. Self-regulation is a quality often required to be successful in a leadership role. In this blog post, we look at what self-regulation is in more detail and explain [...]

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£Six Figure Basic + Bonus Based - St Albans Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK, with around 900 stations operating under the BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, JET and Murco fuel brands. An exciting opportunity exists for a seasoned commercial professional to continue the success story with this highly [...]

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Opinion: Four ways to maintain healthy work/life balance WFH

I’ve noted several times over recent weeks how Covid-19 has tested the retail (and wider) workforce like never before. The pressure of achieving a work/life balance while working remotely has been a particular challenge for those accustomed to being in an office environment. Paradoxically, we’ve never been as connected as a workforce yet never so [...]

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Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge owner enters administration

Retail executives and business owners across the country are shocked by the announcement made by Casual Dining Group that they have gone into administration. What companies does Casual Dining Group own? Casual Dining Group was the umbrella owner of varying food restaurants, including the high street staples Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge, as well as [...]

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Could coronavirus turn Britain into a nation of savers, not spenders?

Almost a third of Britons believe they were financially unprepared for the coronavirus lockdown, a new study has revealed. Meanwhile, deposits held by British households jumped by an astonishing £25.6 billion in May according to data from the Bank of England, as households held back on spending during lockdown and the financial uncertainty around it. [...]

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Sales at UK convenience stores up 17%

The UK's convenience stores saw an increase in sales of almost a fifth in the four weeks up to June 13 2020. This has been attributed to shoppers going 'ultra-local' through the period of COVID-19. The lockdown and concerns around safety have had a significant impact on every element of the retail market. Sales at [...]

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5 wrong assumptions about executive coaching

Many people looking to sign up for executive coaching sessions worry that it won't be the right fit for them. This couldn't be further from the truth. Below we address 5 wrong assumptions about executive coaching and explain why it could actually be the right move for you. Assumption #1: It’s not for me When [...]

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