Many people looking to sign up for executive coaching sessions worry that it won’t be the right fit for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Below we address 5 wrong assumptions about executive coaching and explain why it could actually be the right move for you.

Assumption #1: It’s not for me

When executive coaching first emerged, many businesses engaged a coach to help an executive who, while highly successful in one area, did not fit into the team. As a result, many successful executives assume that executive coaching is not for them. After all – if things are going great, what benefit could it have? Today, however, executive coaching is firmly focused on further developing the capabilities of high performers and fast-tracking potential stars. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that the top three reasons coaches are engaged are:

• To develop high potential, or facilitate transition – 48%
• To act as a sounding board – 26%
• To address derailing behaviour – 12%

From this point of view, every executive can benefit from coaching. Indeed, a stubborn refusal to acknowledge this may indicate one of the very problems an executive coach will typically deal with.

Assumption #2: I can’t afford it

Executives who have been through the coaching process sincerely wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. The benefits in time-saving alone usually compensate for the amount invested. Additional well-documented benefits are new ideas for business improvements and new products, increased energy and motivation, and improved leadership skills to increase collaboration within the company.

Assumption #3: I don’t have time

Because executive coaching addresses the issues that are holding you back, the time that you devote to the coaching sessions, including preparatory work, is directly beneficial. Many of the things your coach will ask you to think about or try will be tailored specifically to your real-life challenges.

Assumption #4: It doesn’t work

Thousands of executives globally would beg to differ. The HBR study found that the only time executive coaching might fail to meet expectations is if there was not a fierce desire on the part of the executive to learn and grow, and a solid commitment from the company to support that growth.

Assumption #5: It makes me look weak

A common assumption that is often not verbalised is the sneaking suspicion that people might start to doubt your abilities if they hear you are being coached. This is connected to assumption #1, and clear communication about the process is all that is needed to dispel this. Perhaps not surprisingly, other team members and subordinates are often very supportive, and the resulting conversations can be gateways to much more positive collaboration

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