Retail executive recruitment can be a long and drawn out process that is very hard to get right. When employing for such a position it is important to look for a candidate who is not only qualified but is also a good fit for your company. Herein we explore some top tips for hiring a retail executive. 

Tip 1 – Look for hunger

At a high level, it is common for retail executives to become frustrated at the slow rate of change in business. When looking to headhunt from other companies, finding the individuals who are hungry for change will bode well for your company. An executive tied up in bureaucracy can often bring a fresh outlook and significant innovation with them. These applicants will also be more willing to drive change and take responsibility for change too.

Tip 2 – Look for side projects

Candidates with side projects and other interests are always more valuable to a company than those without. A lack of hobbies and interests outside of work can show that the employee is burned out by their role. Retail executives who are able to take the job in their stride and find time for other side projects will be better suited to bring about positive change.

Tip 3 – Find a cultural fit

Each company has a culture that needs protecting and the retail executive needs to fit into this culture. With a mismatch of culture at the top of the company, you will find policy and practice jarring in a manner that can be very harmful to business.

Tip 4 – Trust your instincts

It can be hard to put your finger on why a certain applicant doesn’t make the cut but it is important to trust your gut. If you don’t feel a connection with them then they are not right to take a leading role in your retail business. Trusting your gut in retail executive recruitment is very important in finding the right applicant.

Tip 5 – Ensure they have something to teach

When hiring a retail executive it is important to remember that you are bringing in new expertise. While there is often an existing status quo that they will have to meet, you should always look for new ideas too. If an executive has nothing new to offer then you are stifling growth, but if they bring new ideas then they will also bring new innovation and new growth opportunities for you too.