Not everyone is born a leader and many people have to develop strong leadership skills that will make them an effective manager. Some changes are relatively small, others require a complete shift of mindset in order to become a great leader. Do you think you have all the right qualities? Here are just five characteristics that you need to have if you want your business to thrive: 

1. Decisive

In business, many important decisions need to be made and you need to have the knowledge and decisive nature in order to make them. Your team and colleagues need to have faith in their manager and an indecisive leader is the last thing they need when a deadline is approaching. If you want to make changes to your own decision-making ability, take inspiration from other successful leaders like Steve Jobs; he avoided decision fatigue by wearing the same clothes every day and focusing his energy on more important business decisions. 

2. Courageous

Work doesn’t always run smoothly and sometimes you have to take a risk if you want your business to thrive. An effective leader needs to understand which decisions are worth the risk and be willing to take the plunge. Most importantly, a great business leader will have the courage to own up to their mistakes and be honest with their team when a decision doesn’t work out. 

3. Motivators

When deadlines are approaching tensions can begin to rise in the workplace. An inefficient leader will allow these cracks to develop which could lead to the breakdown of your business. Despite the pressure, a great leader should continue to be a great source of motivation for the team, making time to support their workers each day.

4. Passionate 

Your workers will be able to tell if you’re not passionate about your business which might cause them to lose sight of the company’s aims and goals. Everyone has their down days, but an effective leader will overcome this and remind themselves of how they landed a managerial role in the first place. 

5. Efficient at task delegation 

As a manager, it can be tempting to take on all of the important tasks for yourself. However, you have a team of skilled workers at your disposal and taking on too many roles for yourself can be detrimental. Delegate your tasks evenly amongst your team and you might be surprised about the hidden skills that come to the surface that your company can benefit from.

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