When you are operating at the highest levels of management, then your CV needs to reflect this. Naturally, this becomes essential if you are applying for a new retail executive position. A clear, well-written CV will demonstrate that you can not only operate at an executive level but also have real-world skills that you can use to lead a new company to success. But what are the best ways to make sure your CV has the correct executive tone to impress?

1. Bring the value

As a retail executive, you need to show potential employers that you bring value to their organisation. Of course, it is key to pin this down with examples specific to the retail sector. Examples are vital to back up what you say you will do and show them you have done it previously. At the higher executive levels, it is all about adding value to a company from your role and being able to drive them forward to reach greater levels of success as a result.

2. Get down to detail

As well as having concrete examples of what you have achieved in the retail sector in similar roles, it is also worth really getting down to detail with your CV. Don’t use general terms that many lower level type CVs would such as ‘team-player’ or ‘excellent communicator’. Instead, pin down exactly what it is that makes you stand out as the best choice. It may be for example that you have previously helped an ailing retail giant get back on its feet and re-energised their brand along with delivering a market share growth that can be quantified.

3. Make it easy to read

By the time you are at the level of retail executive, you will have lots of experience and previous knowledge to call on. Don’t make the mistake of packing everything you have ever done into a hard to read and dense 10-page CV! Of course, you should include all the essential standard information but then cherry-pick the best of the rest to tie in with what values you will bring to the role.

4. Think about testimonials

We can all say how great we are but nothing will make it more believable to an employer than seeing someone else confirm it. That is why testimonials are so great! Of course, you must make sure that it is from someone of the correct authority and position, even if from another industry. A CEO of a large firm singing your praises is far better than Dave from Accounts in your own company!

Working in the retail sector presents many roles and opportunities for a forward-thinking executive to thrive in. If you are looking to make the step up that level or are simply looking for a fresh challenge, then developing the right kind of executive CV will help. Contact the Anthony Gregg Partnership today to find out more!