Retail recruitment can be challenging, especially in the current client, which is why it’s important to look to the future and establish a successful retail recruitment strategy to ensure that you are hiring the correct directors and CIOs for your company.

Here are some tips to bear in mind:

1. Determine your hiring goals

In the world of retail, your hiring goals will change constantly. It’s important to take note of the time of year, the season and any upcoming holidays. Trying to hire the perfect director or CIO at the right time may be integral for the future of your business. Bear in mind that these goals may change – for one, due to the nature of the current pandemic, but also generally. You may need to take into account a new demand or craze, or any new competitors. Some directors may have more experience working in some of these areas, and this could well be someone that you had not previously considered.

2. Know your candidates

If you have an excessive number of applications, we appreciate that this can be hard. However, it’s important to know the kind of candidates you are looking for – how much CIO or director experience are you looking for? Are you prepared to take someone slightly less qualified and train them up? If you know the answers to these questions before you advertise, you may be able to narrow down your pool of candidates from the outset.

3. Create a brand

Having a strong employer brand should show potential employees who you are, what your company has to offer, and what you will expect from your executive. This should take into account brand culture, values and philosophies. Make sure this brand is included throughout any job descriptions. With retail sectors having such frequent staff turnovers, it’s useful to try and keep your CIOs for as long as possible. A strong employer brand will retain good executives and ensure that they remain happy working for your business.

4. Use recruitment tools

If you’ve followed the tips above, you should know exactly what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Using data and analytics to closely observe the applicants that may best fit your needs will make the process much easier, and will also allow you to prioritise those who are looking the most promising. Such tools may include pre-employment assessments, applicant tracking tools, and chatbots. However, technology can only help to a certain extent, and it will never eliminate the need for a face-to-face interview (or, in 2020, a video call).

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