When it comes to anything business-related, leadership is absolutely crucial. For a company to have any form of direction, it is essential that leaders take charge, assess the state of their business, and implement ideas, products and solutions that will bring about the best possible outcome.

However, being a leader is not easy. As Uncle Ben once said to Spider-Man, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Leaders have the capacity to transform a business’ fortunes, but there is a very thin line between positive and negative change. 

With that in mind, it makes sense for all managers and decision-makers to be very aware of the kind of leader they are. Once this has been established it is possible to accurately assess strengths, weakness, and know how to make the most appropriate decisions every time.

Your leadership style

So, with the aid of four fairly odd questions, let’s find out what type of leader you are.

1. Are you more wolf or dog?

While both animals are adept at working in packs, wolves are far more happy to hunt alone. They are happy to make their own decisions and don’t fear solitary situations. Dogs, however, are often more comfortable when they are being given direction from a senior figure, and enjoy completing tasks that they have been assigned.

2. Are you abstract or hyperreal? 

This question has nothing to do with art; rather, it is about whether or not people understand you immediately. Are you a good communicator? Are you clear in your thinking? Or are you a little more conceptual? By knowing this, you will be better prepared to disseminate ideas.

3. Would you describe yourself as a mountain or a lake?

Again, this has very little to do with the geographical features themselves; it’s much more about what they represent. Mountains are incredibly visible; their presence can be seen from miles and miles away. There is no getting away from mountains. Lakes, however, are often hidden until you happen to stumble upon them. So, are you the type of leader that wants to be seen, or are you happy to take a more low-key approach?

4. Do you think you’re a rollercoaster or a dinghy ride?

This is quite a simple analogy to grasp; rollercoasters are volatile, change speed and direction quickly, and can provide high thrill levels. Dinghy rides, however, tend to be far more gentle affairs; they quite literally go with the flow and don’t deviate too much from any particular course once it has been set in place.


Of course, these questions aren’t going to define your leadership style fully, they are just designed to make you think a little more about your style and whether there’s anything you want to alter, retain or emphasise.

Our leadership consultants focus on the potential of each individual and assess the value they could add to the organisation in the future. Do you have questions regarding your leadership style? Contact our leadership consultant team today!