Although you might dread that forty minute train journey or hour long drive to work each day, it is time to transform your mindset and reclaim that time in order to lead more effectively. Are you the sort of leader who appears unconcerned? Impatient? Inappropriate? Finding ways to readjust your mindset before starting your day will improve how you lead.

We have put together some ways in which you can make the most of your journey to and from work, in order to flourish in your leadership role:

1. Get social

You know the drill – you see an employee across a crowded carriage and your first instinct is to stare at the floor. Although the alone time can seem crucial as it might be the only moment you get to yourself during the day, using it to improve relationships with staff can be far more important.

Perhaps invite them to sit with you, or meet someone en route and walk into work together. Not only will it make the journey seem to run a little faster, that interaction outside work can improve team morale quite drastically.

2. Practice mindfulness

Proven to reduce stress by 40%, mindfulness is a great way to help you remain in the moment and find some clarity before a long day at the office. If you are nervous about a leadership meeting, presentation or deal, practising mindfulness on a daily basis will bring you back to the present moment and help reduce any anxious or negative thoughts, helping to reduce the risk of snapping at employees or seeming distant.

Try out the <a href=””>Headspace</a> or <a href=””>Calm</a> apps for guided meditations you can do on the train.

3. Be productive

Whether you choose to check out your calendar or write a to do list, preparing yourself for the day ahead means you will bounce through the door prepared and raring to go, leaving more time to chat to employees and tackle unexpected issues. Alternatively, if you don’t want your working day to begin quite so early, squeeze in a little knowledge.

The best leaders are always learning, so plug into a podcast or tuck into a good book to escape your own thoughts about what lies in wait for you at the office.

Before your commute, tomorrow, make sure you have a good think about what you’re lacking. Is it a chance to read? A moment to prepare yourself for the day ahead? Or simply just a little free time to relax? Whatever you need, reclaim your commute and find yourself demonstrating excellent leadership skills in no time.

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London Underground by markhillary licensed under Creative commons 4