Traditionally, retail can be a hard industry to recruit for. The typical speedy turnover of employees which we see can suggest that recruiters are offering the wrong jobs to the wrong people, after taking the wrong steps to find their ideal employee. Is time a factor? many managers are so wrapped up in their day-to-day duties that recruitment understandably takes a back seat. So, in this blog, we present to you three ways in which you can save some precious minutes while recruiting for your next available retail executive vacancy.

Identify your ‘no-nos’

While many of us would start a recruitment search by jotting down the qualities we will look for in an executive, it can be just as important to ensure you set parameters in terms of what you don’t want. This will allow you to save time by ruling out candidates who run into a red flag. You can use the interview process to see if your candidates can navigate a virtual obstacle course, weaving in and out of a series of red flags which you set. If a candidate cannot describe sufficiently why they want to be an executive at your particular organisation, for example, then you might have cause for concern. Maybe you have highlighted a negative attitude as one of the things which you must avoid at all costs, or perhaps candidates who appear to be casual or taking it easy are not for you.

Make use of video interviews

Quite often, you can get a lot from video interviews which you would do from a face-to-face sit down. So make the most of VoIP technology during the opening stages of your interview process by arranging video interviews with a large share of the candidates who you need to interview.

Ask your questions wisely

You only have so much time in an interview environment when quizzing your retail executive candidates, this means you should use it wisely by streamlining your questions as much as possible. You can do this by building your ideal candidate profile – identifying the strengths you most want – the weaknesses you least want and then formulating your questions accordingly. The ‘how do you deal with a certain situation’ questions can be useful for the purpose of identifying particular traits.

So there are some tips on how to make the most of your time when recruiting for retail executive positions – taking care in the planning of your recruitment drive can mean that they eat up a lot less of your day.

Interview by Alan Cleaver licensed under Creative commons 4