When you hear the words “executive coaching“, you likely think of the business and marketing industries where there’s a clear hierarchy of who listens to who. And this is true – many leaders within the business and marketing sectors could improve their leadership tenfold if they underwent a course of executive coaching.

However, these are by no means the only industries that would reap the rewards of completing a course of executive leadership training. Here are 3 of the most surprising industries where such training can, and should, be applied:

1. Design

Many design companies are independent and comprised of a small number of staff members, so it’s easy to assume that executive coaching isn’t necessary. However, if you’re in charge of delegating tasks, contacting clients, or the day-to-day management of your workforce, it wouldn’t be unwise to get some executive coaching just to give you the boost you need.

There are many unexpected benefits of training with us if you’re the leader within a team – it doesn’t matter if that team is comprised of single digits, or in the hundreds.

2. Finance

Particularly if you’re a finance company whose work involves dealing with the stock market, you have to be prepared for any scenario on any given day. A huge crash or spike could occur at any moment. This is where executive coaching comes in handy – from an increased level of motivation to an improvement in self-regulation, there are many core skills that you can hone in on through some executive training.

3. Retail

Wrongly so, many people often forget about the everyday leaders that have to endure a lot of pressure within the retail sector. From dealing with rude customers that refuse to understand, to having to unload huge amounts of stock to a uniform level of standard on a daily basis, retail leaders face many challenges.

Executive coaching could help. Completing our training has numerous benefits for key retail workers, such as a heightened level of empathy, improved leadership abilities and social skills, and core strategies for keeping motivation up when it all seems dire.

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