In retail executive recruitment, a major factor for success is building a level of trust between you, your hiring manager, and other execs at your organisation. As an executive recruiter, you have a job that goes far beyond routine, transactional tasks. You’re a partner in the company’s future strategy and need to make the right decision in choosing from a high-calibre pool of candidates. With this huge responsibility in mind, here are a few good habits to keep your work effective, and constantly improving.

Look for qualities that will raise the bar

Proven completion of projects and past management experience are assets that you’ll find in most executive candidates. The thing that should make a candidate truly stand out from the crowd is the potential to raise the bar. Do they have a long-term view that will drive the company forward? Do they have values that they’ll stick to in a professional environment? Will these assets fit in with your organisation’s culture? Always bear in mind that these kinds of qualities will be imparted onto whole swathes of the organisation, affecting departments and teams that will shape the future course of the whole business.

Personalise the recruitment process

It’s good practice to provide candidates of every level with a positive experience, but when it comes to recruiting at an executive level, this needs to make up a much larger part of your strategy. Inject quality into their experience through frequent, personal contact, and give individual feedback on how every candidate performed in the application and interview process. By showing how appreciative you are of their time and effort, you’ll add that extra icing on the cake, and finish off an irresistible offer to the kind of candidate you need at your company.

Fortify decisions with data

As an executive retail recruiter in this modern world of ours, you should strive to be savvy with data. Use every data-driven tool at your disposal to become an expert on the market, and enter the process with an idea of how many people really possess the skills you need for the position you’re trying to fill. It’s also important to be up-to-date on the demand for skills in retail companies like yours, and the major factors that are motivating executive-level candidates to seek out a new position. Recruiters should also use data to identify the areas with the largest room for growth in your company and the kind of executive who will stimulate this process.

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