Negative leadership styles adopted under pressure

When you are a leader of a company, you will naturally want to lead your colleagues and subordinates in the most effective, positive way possible. Many leaders, however, adopt negative leadership styles when under pressure, often without even realising it. In this blog post, we outline some of the most common, negative leadership styles. 1. [...]

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Can a subscription model save Pret a Manger?

During the lockdown, several high street favourites kept themselves afloat by offering a subscription service, the most successful being Hotel Chocolat. The high street chocolatier's profits actually increased in 2020, thanks in no small part to the popularity of its Tasting Club subscription service. Subscriptions were initially seen as a temporary way to retain customers [...]

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Poundland launches alcohol sales

Poundland has been on a bit of a roll lately. The company is undertaking a widespread transformation programme and, last week, it announced the latest new addition: alcohol. Selected branches will be trialling “shops in shops”, selling a range of branded gin, rum, wine, vodka, lager, cider and even ready mixed drinks, all provided by [...]

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Four management traps to look out for

Being in charge is difficult, and some people take to it more naturally than others. Even the best employee can find themselves out of their depth when placed in a leadership role. Luckily, leadership can be learned like any other skill. There are a number of common traps that many bosses fall into, and avoiding [...]

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Retail executives urge government to protect shopworkers from violence

Retail executives from 23 of the UK’s leading shops, along with several prominent industry bodies, have signed a letter to the prime minister urging the government to introduce new laws to protect retail workers from violence and abuse. This comes just a few days before the second reading of MP Alex Norris’s private member's bill [...]

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How to handle leadership mistakes

Making mistakes is part of being human, but when you have the responsibility of being a leader, one of the best ways that you can demonstrate your leadership abilities is by handling your mistakes in the right way. In this blog, we'll be looking at a few tips for dealing with mistakes as a leader. [...]

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Co-worker to manager: How to make a smooth transition

It is natural for employees to move up the ladder in organisations that have space for workers to do so. One of the most obvious step-ups is to become a department manager for the team that you were originally part of. This can be a daunting step as you now have responsibility for your fellow [...]

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To significant six-figure equivalent Basic Salary – Immediate Start-  6-12 months contract Based London This market-leading and highly respected retailer in high street retailing, require an experienced HR professional. Based in London, the HR Director, will be leading the HR team to ensure colleagues within their group are developed to deliver the business plan integral [...]

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