Is this the end of bags for life?

Since they first appeared in 1999, reusable bags for life have become an integral part of the UK supermarket experience. Taking a reusable bag to the shops has become second nature to many well-meaning consumers, but are the environmental benefits really what they're cracked up to be? This week, Morrisons announced that it would be [...]

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ASOS calls on its brand partners to strengthen UK manufacturing ethics

ASOS is requesting that its brands commit to four new manufacturing agreements by the end of 2021. With an attempt to further commit to transparency, all third-party ASOS brands will be required to sign a Transparency Pledge. This involves mapping and making their UK garment manufacturing supply chains visible, identifying any risks with their supply [...]

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Three executive coaching benefits to fine-tune your retail leadership

This year, retailers have faced unimaginable difficulties due to COVID-19. Structural re-organisation, store closures and uncertainties about the future are driving leaders to rethink the ways in which they run their business. With the promise of further unpredictability for the sector - and the world as a whole - it has never been more important [...]

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Is executive coaching worth the investment?

Executive coaching is a service often thrown around among leadership circles - but do you actually know what it entails, and is it worth investing your time and money in? Here at Anthony Gregg, we're passionate about the benefits that well-done executive coaching can achieve. So, let's answer the question: Is executive coaching worth the [...]

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UK retail sales on the rise again

Retail sales have risen again, despite the number of visits to high street shops decreasing. This is due to more people choosing to shop online, meaning physical shops are still struggling. The British Retail Consortium has called on the government to help with retailer’s rents, as many are struggling to pay. This is the second [...]

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Sainsbury’s are rolling out contactless, till-free shopping that can be done from smartphones

In over 100 of Sainsbury’s convenience stores across the UK, customers can now enjoy shopping that involves no cash, and no tills. Customers can do their shopping via the app Using either the SmartShop app or a SmartShop in-store handset, customers simply have to do their shopping, scan their products and bag them up. People [...]

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