How Executive Coaching can get you through COVID-19

Months into lockdown and with no clear end in sight, the United Kingdom's professional world has moved almost exclusively to working from home. This has caused a potentially permanent shift in our daily working culture. We no longer chat with our coworkers in the kitchen or meet our bosses for coffee catch-ups. Instead, we communicate [...]

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Retail executives confident they can bounce back as lockdown eases

With lockdown restrictions continuing to gradually ease in the UK, retail executives are growing ever more confident that the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be short-lived. Almost a quarter of all non-food retailers in May believed that significant disruption to their businesses would now last less than six months. That’s according to the [...]

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How retail executives are adapting marketing strategies during the coronavirus outbreak

As the government’s lockdown rules look set to gradually be relaxed over the coming weeks and months, retail executives around the country are considering how they will need to adapt their marketing when shops reopen. There are some key lessons to be learnt from supermarket retailers, who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, keeping the [...]

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Precarious and precariouser: Lewis Carroll’s quote has never been more prescient

For the last couple of years we've featured blogs and articles looking at the state of the retail sector, analysing business success and challenges when it comes to embracing new ways of operating, and discussing the fragile state of the high street. And this was all before the word ‘coronavirus’ has entered our daily lexicon. [...]

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3 social skills every leader should have

When you hear the term 'social skills', you may associate the phrase with small talk and disregard social skills as an important element of leadership. Social skills, however, go much further than the ability to make conversation. Below we look at what social skills can help an individual succeed in a retail role and how [...]

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How executive coaching can help set great leaders apart

Many people starting out in a professional career will be offered opportunities for personal development, alongside the development of their professional skills. Unfortunately, as they progress through their careers, it’s sadly very common for this to fall by the wayside. When workloads increase and employees take on managerial responsibilities, their own personal development is often [...]

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