UK retail industry news update on business and COVID-19

From restricting cash payments in store to dealing with a stockpiling nation, COVID-19 is drastically affecting the UK retail marketplace. Every Retail Director needs to stay updated with constantly changing demands as UK Coronavirus cases increase. After one of the wettest Februarys on record, retail footfall has now seen a spike, as customers dash to [...]

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Move of the week: Coronavirus will force retailers to rewrite rules of recruitment

It seems inevitable that the Covid-19 outbreak will cause significant disruption both to business and to our everyday lives. In these unprecedented times, the public’s health must be the number one priority. But retailers, and the thousands of businesses that enable their operations to function effectively, have a vital role to play in the national [...]

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Common myths about being a great leader

When analysing leadership, it’s obvious that there is no one size fits all approach. Different people will have their own styles of leadership, tailored to suit their own personality and the people they manage. However, there are a number of traits and skills that all leaders have. While these may be commonly discussed, there are [...]

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4 critical factors to consider when looking for an ideal executive coach

Working with an executive coach has proved to always yield powerful results in any business, including heightened confidence and performance. However, even executive coaching is only as effective as having the right person on the job. Hiring an executive coach is the first step towards greater success. Choosing an executive coach definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all [...]

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COVID-19: How coronavirus is impacting the retail sector

UK retail sales hit impressive highs in February despite extended periods of poor weather. Numerous retailers, forecasters and industry experts believe that the increase in sales and footfall is largely down to the impending coronavirus epidemic, which is encouraging shoppers to stock up on essentials such as toilet rolls, tinned foods, freezer items and healthcare [...]

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How top retail executives ensure productivity

Everyone knows that productivity is essential to any executive position, and this is especially true for retail executives. Ensuring productivity throughout the working day can be difficult, and for anyone new to an executive position, it can be difficult to gain the skills required for optimal performance. However, there are certain tried and tested methods [...]

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Move of the Week: JLP’s Ed Connolly faces new challenge at Dixons Carphone

When Ed Connolly joins Dixons Carphone from John Lewis Partnership in May he will trade one retail transformation project for another. This week, Connolly was named as Dixons Carphone’s new chief commercial officer, bringing to an end a 15-year career with the John Lewis and Waitrose owner. For the past two years Connolly has worked [...]

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3 ways executive coaching can boost your bottom line

As a business, it’s vital that you always employ all available strategies that work toward increasing your bottom line. Many successful companies know and understand that organisational growth largely depends on employees and culture. Your employees must feel empowered and encouraged enough to go above and beyond meeting the bare minimum that’s required. Executive coaching [...]

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Can leaders learn resilience?

It’s lonely at the top. It’s a clichė but it’s true. At the top, there’s no time for complaining or getting involved with the mess that happened at the Christmas party - there’s always an HR crisis after the party, right? Right now, you’re focussed on the bigger picture: the profit and loss, the comings [...]

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