Out of touch: the contactless future of retail

The human touch of retail could be lost forever due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and will extend long beyond the end of the current pandemic, reports Forbes. From the surge in contactless payments to supermarkets installing protective screens for staff. From drop off at the door to robot retail, the future of shopping will [...]

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3 surprising industries that could benefit from executive coaching

When you hear the words "executive coaching", you likely think of the business and marketing industries where there's a clear hierarchy of who listens to who. And this is true - many leaders within the business and marketing sectors could improve their leadership tenfold if they underwent a course of executive coaching. However, these are [...]

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Rallying reluctant remote workers with motivational leadership

The massive surge in remote working due to COVID-19 has created dispersed workforces practically overnight. It is a decision forced on organisations and individuals who may have previously considered such a notion impractical and divisive; such as teams of executives running retail operations. This has left business leaders with a massive logistical nightmare, which has [...]

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Fears of UK recession from factory and shop closures

Many factories and high street stores have had to close due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the consequence could be a deep recession. The latest quarterly outlook from KPMG indicates that the UK's GDP has already stalled due to businesses shutting doors and consumers restricting their spending. The report forecasts a 2.6% contraction of the [...]

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Why are people stockpiling? The psychology behind panic buying

All over the world, wherever coronavirus is spreading, people are panic buying. And, they’re not just stockpiling cans of baked beans, pasta and rice. They’re taking other goods like hand sanitiser, face masks, toilet paper and medicines too. Retail executives are doing a great job ensuring that consumers do not face really serious shortages. But [...]

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Leadership and fear; tackling COVID-19

Much has been written on the topic of being a fearless leader; and also being a senior manager who uses respect, not the fear-factor, to move things along. However, we are living in unique times. Now, the word ‘fear’ is more applicable to the mindsets of your teams. Never before has assured, calm and emotionally [...]

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