The evolution of the sale: How digital integration can enhance your profits

The days of the high street sale or seasonal-specific clearance is behind us – in 2020, retail executives are looking towards the future of the sale through the eye of digital integration, providing strategic and personalised ways to offer discounted products to a receptive audience. With more businesses than ever investing in online-specific sales and [...]

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Seven ways executive coaching benefits you as a leader

In layman's terms, executive coaching involves a professional coach working with executives or other high potential employees to change their mindset and unlock their business potential. By working with a seasoned leader, such as Tony Gregg, an individual can entirely change his or her mental state to gain self-awareness and achieve long-term career goals. 1. [...]

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How to turn a vision into reality through leadership

When reaching for the stars, it is absolutely essential for leaders to be visionaries. They must think beyond what is good for them; they must consider how they can create a company that makes a difference, has ambition, and provides a working environment that employees will truly value. So, with that in mind, what should [...]

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Move of the Week: Poulter will need all her nous to revive Laura Ashley

It says much about the scale of the crisis facing Laura Ashley that, less than two months after joining the business, Katharine Poulter’s accession to the role of chief executive has been fast-tracked. Poulter only joined the embattled retailer at the start of January as chief operating officer, albeit with a succession plan seemingly in [...]

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Should the rise in AI worry retailers?

In recent times, we’ve seen the introduction of more and more machinery and automation in high streets up and down the country. From self-checkouts to handheld devices that allow you to scan items as you shop, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the future of retail heavily involves technology. The British Retail Consortium estimates [...]

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The ‘Champion Mindset’: What is it, and how you can achieve it?

The ‘Champion Mindset’ is, quite simply, an approach to business that prioritises success but doesn’t condemn failure. It is all about trying hard, achieving goals and making mistakes, and subsequently learning from that which you have experienced and putting it to use in the future. Attaining the right mindset is absolutely crucial in any walk [...]

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