2019: A nightmare year for UK retail

As we enter a new year, there is little to celebrate for the UK retail industry. Reports show that the British high street suffered its worst year in 25 years, with sales declining for the first time since 1995. The British Retail Consortium, an organisation that processes half of all UK debit and credit card [...]

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Finding the courage to speak

Leadership is sometimes thought of in quite black and white terms. People often take their ideas of what leadership means from other people, either by what they say or by example. When it comes to the field of business and industry, leadership can mean very different things to what it means in other areas of [...]

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Best Christmas adverts of 2019

Christmas ads have become a much-anticipated part of the festive period, with retailers putting together entertaining adverts to get customers in the mood to spend their hard-earned cash. Audiences eagerly await their release and there is often much discussion with friends and colleagues as to which is their favourite each year. This year has been [...]

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