3 key skills to look for in new retail recruits

For many people, their first experience of a real job is in retail. Retail positions attract a range of candidates, from young people looking for their first job to more experienced workers hoping to work their way up to a managerial role. But regardless of the candidate's background, there are several key skills that recruiters [...]

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Different Leadership Styles

Leadership is different to management, in that to be a leader, one must have at least one follower. Credited with high levels of social intelligence, leaders are often resilient to change. They are considered masters of not only self-awareness but also pre-empt the actions of others. When considering leadership examples around the world, we can [...]

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Move of the Week: BBC’s Matt Grest is a Very good fit

Matt Grest’s move from the BBC to The Very Group demonstrates once again that previous retail experience is not a prerequisite for senior leaders so long as you have the correct skillset. Nowhere is this truer than in tech roles where talented individuals often move fluidly between different industries and the public and private sectors. [...]

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How can retail talent mapping transform your business?

Here at Anthony Gregg, we're proud to offer UK businesses a range of top-quality retail services, from retail executive training to retail executive searching. One of the most versatile and useful services the team offers is retail talent mapping. Retail talent mapping could make a wealth of difference to your business, transforming it in every [...]

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What does it take to be a great retail executive?

“Well, it’s not rocket science, is it? You just sell stuff. Put it in the window and open the doors.” We’ve all heard a version of that kind of misunderstanding, which manages to miss the sales target by a country mile. For a start, let’s talk about the ‘stuff’. As a professional Retail Executive, you [...]

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