Behaviours successful leaders adopt under pressure

Remaining calm under pressure is an essential aspect of successful leadership in business. If a leader starts to run around like a headless chicken when something goes wrong, the rest of the workforce are likely to follow suit. So, continue reading to discover some of the best tips and tricks to help you offer strong [...]

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A short history of the British TV Christmas advert

They might be a staple of our Christmas television diet, but the iconic retailer Christmas ads weren’t always such a prevalent part of our culture. The festive season is packed full of marketing from supermarkets to government agencies wanting to get into the holiday spirit and now that television is such a common part of [...]

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Why Interim Management is crucial for retail

Retail is known to have a diverse, fast-paced business model that lends itself to changes, sometimes at short notice. When this happens, it's likely that you'll need a qualified, experienced Manager to fill a role quickly - a situation which can cause uncertainty in your retail business. However, sometimes these situations can be for the [...]

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