Could executive coaching improve your bottom line?

What is it about some business leaders that causes them to excel, whilst others, with equally impressive qualifications and skill sets, somehow don't seem to possess the same Midas touch? Although business performance is affected by outside variables, often the make or break component of a company's success is its workforce. What makes for an [...]

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Dealing with pressure in the workplace

Leadership and pressure often go hand in hand, as the success or failure of a project or a whole business can rest on your shoulders, but handling pressure well is a skill in and of itself - so how can a good leader absorb the pressure of responsibility and manage to turn it into an [...]

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How to develop an authentic leadership style

Authenticity has become something of a leadership buzzword in recent years, but what does an authentic leadership style involve? Authenticity is closely linked with genuineness. An authentic leader is able to communicate to others something of their essential self which makes it difficult to appear authentic without actually being authentic. There is a need to [...]

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Mothercare strikes sales deal with Boots

The troubled retailer Mothercare has struck a deal with UK pharmacy and health franchise Boots in a bid to save their fledgling business, which fell into administration last month after a difficult financial year. The child and baby company collapsed in November after failing to find a financial backer but will now remain on the [...]

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Why do the public love Christmas ads so much?

Christmas adverts are a real staple on our screens over the festive period now. It is no longer just Coca-Cola who produce one every year either - lots of well-known brands like John Lewis and Aldi spend money on creating ones to connect with consumers. Indeed, John Lewis is thought to have spent around £8 [...]

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High achievers: Shoptalk takeaways

The big take home this year from Shoptalk was that retail is gearing up for some big changes. The changes were heralded by a whole host of top executives who are making a success out of new retail models. Above all, they are responding to these changes as an opportunity. Shoptalk is a great annual [...]

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Ocado joins forces with Japanese grocer Aeon

The Japanese grocery chain Aeon, one of the biggest online supermarket retailers in the continent, has signed a deal with British retailer Ocado to develop its online eCommerce enterprise and expand into the logistics of delivering groceries to customers. Marking Ocado’s first partnership with an Asian company, the deal will see the pair collaborating predominantly [...]

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