Talent mapping for senior staff retention

Recruitment can be a frustration at any level; time-consuming, costly and a cause of insecurity among team members. But a major issue with filling senior staff roles is the requirement of tenacity in leadership; when you find the right candidate, it doesn't matter how good the job is you are offering, at some point they're [...]

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Strong leaders listen well

Effective listening is an essential skill for leaders at all levels of business. Too often, company leaders seem to think they should speak first and listen later, but the leader who knows how to listen well reaps many benefits. In fact, great leaders wait until they have all the facts at their disposal before making [...]

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UK retail amps up its war on plastic

Directors and CEOs take note: The UK remains at the forefront of eco-developments in retail. The government’s well-advertised regulations on plastic straws and drinks stirrers have come into force, and have given rise to a booming side industry in reusable alternatives. Big names like John Lewis have reported on their customers' increasing awareness of the [...]

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High street retail sector takes 1.7% dip in September

UK shopper footfall has fallen this September by 1.7%, with figures indicating that poor end-of-the-month weather is to blame. Figures released by Springboard and the British Retail Consortium suggest that the major loss in customers for bricks and mortar stores fell in the final week of September, with a decline of 6.1%. Throughout September, footfall [...]

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Never fear failure; the art of resilient leadership

The list of iconic business people who’ve overcome failure is a highly impressive pantheon of true leaders. You’ve no doubt heard about Steve Jobs making an epic corporate comeback when the company he founded sacked him. Did you know that Bill Gates founded a road measuring device company – called Traf-O-Rama – that was measurably [...]

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Why retail executives need to get on board with sustainability

In retail, corporate sustainability is no longer simply a marketing term. In fact, being environmentally conscious is now at the strategic core of some of the world’s largest companies. Chief executives like Virgin’s Richard Branson and P&G’s David Taylor are being proactive in their approach to sustainability – and some firms are going one step [...]

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The importance of a diverse retail boardroom

With the government’s new board of senior industry bosses aiming to boost diversity and inclusion in the workplace, having just met for the first time, it begs the question of why focusing on this issue is still important in 2019. The board of any business is its mind and its backbone. Ultimately, it makes the [...]

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