When quiet leadership creates a big impact

There is no 'one size fits all' in retail decision making. Every company has its own hit list of attributes for senior staff. The things required from leaders can change over time too, particularly when your retail company faces a period of intense pressure, or needs to step up risk-taking, innovation and change management. Organisations [...]

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Seamless onboarding for retail executives

The resources invested in a retail executive search can be considerable. Add to that the pressure of getting them operational and effective quickly, and top-level recruitment becomes an even bigger drain and distraction. When the pressure is on, having a new senior member of staff who is out of step can have a ripple effect [...]

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Overcoming imposter syndrome to be a better business leader

It’s only human to have the occasional moments of doubt and ‘second guess’ major decisions in the pressurised world of modern retailing. Part of the emotional intelligence of modern leaders is being able to recognise heightened hesitation or confusion and to seek out support and insights from executive colleagues, projects teams and reliable retail data. [...]

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