The family factor in retail recruitment

Much has been written about the more diverse range of skills and experience many companies now seek within their retail executive search activities. There is a marked shift away from people who have stayed in one lane during their career, and increased appetite for decisionmakers and leaders with vision, who are tech-savvy, innovative and entrepreneurial.  [...]

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WHSmith’s hospital and travel retailing experience growth

Retail outlets in hospitals have grown to be the second-highest revenue earner for WHSmith’s travel arm, even outstripping the UK brand’s previously buoyant railway station stores. The company has reported that its profits for the year ending 31st August are ‘in line with expectations' but also announced that its international travel divisions have experienced strong [...]

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Are business rate cuts inevitable?

The high street is, arguably, going through the toughest period in its history. More and more people are purchasing goods online, and this has led to numerous stores across the country closing down, resulting in mass job cuts, empty retail spaces, and a completely different shopping landscape. Though numerous retailers reported an unexpectedly strong July, [...]

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Leadership styles that corporate leaders have to face

As an HR Director or retail executive of an organisation, you are often faced with challenges when it comes to adapting to different leadership styles. Strictly sticking to one style of leadership may seem like the safe option, and it can also reduce the effort that you have to make when already needing to negotiate [...]

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A fresh look inside the buoyant Pop-Up economy

While industry leaders cut back on their high street presence – or in some cases disappear entirely – a new breed of shops is rapidly gaining ground. Pop-up retail units - sometimes referred to as ‘flash selling’ - take advantage of shorter-term leases, and move elsewhere if customer numbers drop. For around ten years they've [...]

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The Psychology of a Confident Leader

Leaders in business, such as HR Directors and Retail Executives, have many responsibilities on their plate and the same amount of hours in a day as the rest of us. With the pressure to not only maintain control of the company and their workload but also to rise up and challenge themselves throughout the day, [...]

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Don’t instinctively jump away from ‘job hoppers’

There’s an abiding myth in retail executive recruitment that candidates who’ve changed jobs frequently are always a poor bet. That’s not the same as applicants with long, prestigious and multifaceted career histories, gained over decades. It’s those younger managers who appear on paper to be a ‘flight risk’, as they’ve not settled in any job [...]

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5 characteristics of a successful business leader

Not everyone is born a leader and many people have to develop strong leadership skills that will make them an effective manager. Some changes are relatively small, others require a complete shift of mindset in order to become a great leader. Do you think you have all the right qualities? Here are just five characteristics [...]

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