A quick guide to responsible management

Managers have a lot of responsibility. Whether you are in charge of one person or one hundred, you need to ensure that the decisions you make are not only good for the company but also don't put your employees under any undue pressure.  And, with more and more employees suffering from mental health issues as [...]

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UK retailers losing £11bn each year to avoidable incidents

According to the latest research carried out by Checkpoint Systems, U.K. retailers are losing a staggering £11 billion every year due to shoplifting, internal theft and food wastage. The results revealed in the 'Retail Security in Europe: Going beyond Shrinkage' report, discovered that the U.K. is actually faring worse than any other country across Europe [...]

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7 things retail executives need to be a long-term success

The role of a retail executive is as varied as it is essential. An executive has to be a company's representative when talking to customers and clients, and they must also be the organisation's figurehead when it comes to advising and encouraging employees. However, while retail executives often have to act as if they possess [...]

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Morrisons and Amazon to increase their same-day deliveries

Online retail giant Amazon and the supermarket Morrisons have announced that they will expand their same-day delivery service to five new cities. Residents in Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool and Portsmouth will now be able to order food and have it delivered on the same day, providing they meet the cut off times.  The partnership between [...]

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What leading from behind really means (and what it doesn’t)

If you are a business leader of any sort, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of misinterpretation. And when it comes to leadership styles, there’s one which has been misinterpreted time and again: leading from behind. Originally given voice in Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, when he equated great leaders to shepherds, the concept of [...]

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The end of retail as we know it?

The retail sector has been going through a tough patch of late. In fact, the phrase 'tough patch' is probably underselling the issue somewhat.  Just last month, Philip Green, the long-time retail mogul, announced plans to close 23 stores and slash around 520 jobs as part of a plan to save Arcadia Group, while clothing [...]

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