3 ways you know your retail executive search has found the right candidate

Conducting a retail executive search can be difficult. You often have to go through multiple CVs, telephone interviews, and face to face interviews, all without conducting background checks and contacting referees. Even when you have whittled down the competition to a few candidates, it can still be challenging to know if your retail executive search [...]

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Why being introverted can make you a brilliant leader

There is a common assumption in the world of business that an introverted individual will not make an effective leader. In 2006, The Harvard Business Review found that 65% of executives that took part in the survey believed introversion to be a barrier to leadership. The word ‘introvert’ conjures up images of shyness or even [...]

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Move of the Week: Superdry begins boardroom rebuild

The hiring of retail executive veteran Nick Gresham as Superdry’s new chief financial officer looks like a savvy move on the part of Julian Dunkerton. Gresham will join the fashion retailer on an interim basis, plugging the gap left by Ed Barker who resigned along with the vast majority of Superdry’s board including chief executive [...]

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4 Rules for Effective Leadership Under Pressure

While it’s often easy for a senior Retail Executive to feel confident in their leadership role when their business is doing well, their mettle is only really tested when the company faces financial downturns, reorganisation and other stressful scenarios. Being able to act professionally and proactively under pressure is an essential trait of any leader, [...]

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Move of the Week: New Holland & Barrett boss has big shoes to fill

Two months after waving goodbye to its longstanding chief executive Peter Aldis, Holland & Barrett has ushered in a new era with the appointment of Tony Buffin as his replacement. Buffin joins the health and wellness retailer from Travis Perkins where he held a retail executive position of chief operating officer having previously served as [...]

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