Online job “warehouses” vs. specialist retail executive search

The launch of Google for Jobs in 2018 sent ripples throughout the UK recruitment sector. Its aggregate capabilities made it far easier for job hunters to find suitable vacancies, quickly. But what about retail employers, and other companies seeking to fill key posts by drawing from a relevant pool of applicants? Do online job “warehouses” [...]

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Gain the respect of your team with a little humour

To be a great leader, you have to have the respect of your team. Leadership requires you to not only be able to inspire the people around you and to be able to properly communicate your vision so that your team knows what they are trying to achieve, but you also need your colleagues to [...]

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How AI tech could save the UK retail industry

It is no secret that the UK retail industry has been struggling in recent years. A report by PwC has found that every day, 14 high street stores are forced to close down. Even the big name brands are not safe from this worrying trend. In order to stay afloat, it seems clear that companies [...]

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Retail executive search from Anthony Gregg assists in the creation of experiential retail programmes

The retail sector had a series of crises through 2018, and, in many ways, these detracted from some of the important milestones achieved in the year. Experiential retail was a major buzz word through 2018, with many leading brands embracing the challenge of offering store visitors a unique experience at the time of visit. Building [...]

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How exercise can make you a better leader

Only a select number of people are born natural leaders, many others have to develop their leadership skills over time. While you can develop your communication skills and personability to become a better leader, a surprising way to become a better leader is to improve your fitness. Whether it's through simple yoga poses or more [...]

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2019, you at your best!

We wake up every January 1st and hear endless chat about that word ‘resolution’; but what does it mean? New Year’s resolutions are more formally known as the time in which a person changes their behaviour or traits in order to achieve a goal that they have set themselves. This could be anything from losing [...]

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Move of the Week: Gareth Jones takes road less travelled

Gareth Jones built a strong reputation at Shop Direct where he played a key role in turning a catalogue business into a leading digital retailer. It’s interesting, therefore, that following a short spell as online boss at Missguided, Jones’ next career move is to become chief retail executive of a comparatively small, albeit fast-growing, etailer [...]

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