Move of the Week: M&S Food’s New Top Team

It’s taken six months for Stuart Machin to assess the landscape of M&S’s food business and decide which personnel changes need to be made. This week’s announcement of a number of Retail Executive hires, departures and promotions reveals he has reached some interesting conclusions. […]

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Competition probe announced for the ‘big four’ audit firms

The UK Competition and Markets Authority announced earlier today (09/10/2018) that it was to launch a probe into whether the accountancy market was currently competitive enough and whether the current market structure was producing continuous high-quality work. As such, the four largest accountancy firms in the UK, Deloitte, Earnest and Young (EY), KPMG and Pricewaterhouse [...]

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Leadership and listening – the Churchill story

In 1944, Winston Churchill requested to be on the beaches at D-Day. It was important, he thought, that his men saw him leading from the front. His cabinet was horrified and only direct intervention by King George VI stopped Winston from pulling on a helmet and storming into Normandy on June 6th.  […]

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Things to consider when hiring executive-level candidates in retail

Finding talent to fill positions at the top level of a retail business can be challenging in today’s competitive market. The specialised nature of these roles means there is a relatively small number of suitable candidates to fill available positions. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind a number of key considerations throughout the retail [...]

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