The concept of ‘Authentically Curious Leadership’

Behavioural scientist, Francesca Gino, surveyed more than 3,000 employees in a business study and found that 70% of them encounter obstacles when asking questions at work. She argues that organisations which cultivate curiosity are better at adapting to external pressures and uncertainty in markets. Meaningful decisions are dependent on clear intent, criteria and objectives, so [...]

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The rewards of diversifying your approach to talent

Thinking differently about hiring can yield richer rewards, and there is much to gain from creating a welcoming environment. If we all approach the hiring and development processes in the same way, the size of the talent pool will decrease consistently. Perhaps it’s time for a more adventurous look that thinks outside the box? [...]

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Leadership and motivation

To achieve any goal we need to harness the power of motivation. If you want to lose weight, save money, or quit a bad habit you need to be motivated. When you are a leader in your industry, it is not only your own motivation you have to manage, you are responsible for keeping your [...]

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How humour can be used for business leadership

As long as we have had the ability to communicate with each other, humour has existed. The power of humour is something that seems to be superficial, but in fact, it hugely shapes how we form relationships, how we make sense of the world, and it can make difficult events or emotions easier to digest [...]

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Why use Psychometric Testing in Recruitment?

Whilst all Search Consultants are known (and highly valued) for the relationships they build and the insight in regards to the client businesses they have, psychometric testing can give you another dimension of understanding when used at the shortlist stage. How psychometric testing aids recruitment decisions Psychometric testing can measure a number of attributes including [...]

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