Why great leaders never use fear as a tactic

Great leadership can completely transform a workplace, increasing productivity, revenue and results. Poor leadership, however, can have catastrophic effects on a company. Many leaders use fear-based tactics without being aware of the dramatic consequences they can have on a workplace. Fear may provide short-term motivation, but it comes with lasting effects including resentment, absence and [...]

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The Psychology of the Glass Ceiling

Female leaders are few and far between. This isn’t just a radical statement anymore – statistics and studies are starting to prove this theory to be a fact. In 2018, only 24% of the world’s management level positions were filled by women, down 3% from the previous year. When women step up to take on [...]

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Head hunting: why it is essential for business performance?

Brilliant business strategies, models and policies are not enough for retail business performance and success. All of them rely on implementation by competent employees, which is why you require talented and skilled people. Unfortunately, the labour market does not readily avail such unique individuals. You have to seek them out through particular approaches such as [...]

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The CEO gene: is it real?

In 2015, a group of researchers from Kansas State University revealed they had isolated a gene they named DAT1, a dopamine transporter that only existed in a minute percentage of the general population. In their conclusions, they argued that those who had this gene in their general makeup were more likely to exhibit strong leadership [...]

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